Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Kit Innokin

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Use well the coils of the Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 kit Innokin


Range of Use

Advised E Liquid

Type of Vape


Z Coil 0.3 Ω

30 - 40 watts

For an e liquid with an average VG rate (≈ 50%)

Direct vaping (high vapor production)

High e liquid consumption

Z Coil 0.8 Ω

15 - 18 watts

For an e liquid with an average VG rate (≈ 50%)

Versatile vape (medium vapor production)

Average e liquid consumption 

- +
64,90 €
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The Coolfire Z80 and the Zenith 2 Clearomiser is an electronic cigarette with innovative technology, at the service for the vaper. Simple to use, the Coolfire Z80 concentrates with the protection of the coil, autonomy and polyvalent vape. With the Zenith 2 clearomiser, the Coolfire Z80 Kit proposes in effect a tight pull vape (MTL or indirect inhaling), an aired vape for high powers and different sensations (DL or direct inhaling).

The Coolfire Z80 is a mod which functions with the 18650 battery for good autonomy. It allows you to vape with varied power from 1 to 80 watts, but it also has innovative functions to protect the Zenith 2 coils. Refresh function to conserve the coil soaked with e liquid. FØ mode, a new technology for vaping in Hertz. Much simpler as it appears, this modes protects the coil when boosting the flavours.

On the clearomiser side, you will find the return of the champion of vape in indirect inhaling, tight pull. The Zenith 2 evolves with a choice of polyvalent draw, different sensations, with an open aeration. It has a capacity of 5.5ml for your e liquid on a base of 26 mm in diameter. With the Zenith 2 Kit there are 2 Z coils included in 0.8 Ω and 0.3 Ω which shows the possibilities of the Zenith 2. The Zenith 2 remains compatible with the Z coils by Innokin.

The Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Kit is made by Innokin.

Batteries Not Included

Height 130 mm
Length 38 mm
Width 27 mm
Diameter 24 mm
Capacity 5,5 ml
Type of Vape Polyvalent
Battery 1 x 18650
Power 6W - 80W


Présentation du Kit Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Innokin

For a vape with aired pull (RDL) or a tight pull in indirect inhaling (MTL), Innokin proposes the Coolfire Z80 and Zenith 2 kit. An innovative kit which enters into the 4th generation of the electronic cigarette with maximum comfort and easy utilisation. In collaboration with Fourier Tech, Innokin proposes excellent flavours by preserving the coil as long as possible. All in complete simplicity for the vaper.

The Coolfire Z80 is an elegant electronic cigarette, dressed in leather or suede on zinc alloys. It functions with the 18650 battery (not included) for a longer vape. It is also equipped with a USB-C connection which has a maximum outpower of 80 watts.

The Coolfire Z80 is included with the Zenith 2 Clearomiser which evolves towards polyvalence and capacity. The Zenith 2 proposes a reservoir with 5.5ml in capacity as well as a simple and rapid filling. The aeration can offer a tight or open pull depending on your preference, indirect or direct inhaling. The two Z coils included in 0.8 Ω and 0.3 Ω will show you what they are capable of.The Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Kit remains compatible with the Z coils by Innokin.  

To whom addresses the Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2?

Prise en main du Kit Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Innokin

The advantage of the Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Kit is polyvalent and simple. It can addresses amateurs of vape with a tight pull and aired, but not too aired (open)… it also addresses beginners as well as experienced in search of a kit which is simple to maintain with a battery. The 5.5ml tank, and the possibility to change the battery or even recharge the battery with the USB-C connection allows a longer vape.

Coolfire Z80 Box

Box du Kit Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Innokin

The Coolfire Z80 is modern and also innovative, but do not forget its elegance. Its typical figure in the style of Coolfire Innokin mods, it is dressed in leather or suede around the handle. With a comfortable and light hold in the hand, the frame of the mod is made in zinc alloys, light and robust. At the top you have a generous connection of 24mm in diameter which is gold plated for the perfect connection with the Zenith 2.

A simple vape before all

Chipset du Kit Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Innokin

The Coolfire Z80 allows you to vape from 6 watts to 80 watts or 1 to 75 volts. It accepts all coils from 0.1 Ω to 3.5 Ω. It is totally adapted to all the Z coils by Innokin as well as several reconstructable atomisers and clearomisers. A box which is very reactive and can reach up to 80 watts in 0.003 s.


Innovative mode

Innokin proposes an electronic cigarette of the 4th generation with the FØ mode and innovative Refresh functions. Developed by Fourier Tech, the FØ mode uses an alternative current for the heating of the coil. The current is sent on both sides of the coil wire. The objective is to preserve the longevity of the coil. To use it, nothing could be simpler: for a vape in direct inhaling, the Coolfire Z80 box can adjusted between 20 and 50 Hz. For a vape in indirect inhaling it can be adjusted between 51 and 100 Hz.


With the Refresh function, you can also send an alternative current, briefly of 40% of power to the coil allowing the resistive wire to remain soaked with e liquid. This operation also protects the coil against dry-hits to prolong the duration of life. By pressing on the 2 setting buttons, it allows you to access the menu of the Coolfire Z80 box.


Replacement battery

Trappe à accus du Kit Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Innokin

The Coolfire Z80 box functions with the 18650 battery (not included). Easy to replace, the mod does not have any fragile mechanisms which will be used over time but with the plate which can be easily unscrewed. The box also benefits with a recharge with the help of the connection and USB-C cable.

Zenith 2

Clearomiseur du Kit Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Innokin

Champion in all categories of vape from tight pull in indirect inhaling, the Zenith 2 clearomiser diversifies its activity with an open aeration. The Zenith 2 becomes polyvalent, included with 2 coils and 2 drip tips made for direct or indirect inhaling.

More capacity

Contenance du Kit Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Innokin

A slight modification with the design; especially at the base of the clearomiser which is 24mm in diameter, the Zenith 2 has an excellent capacity of 5.5ml. The Zenith 2 clearomiser conserves the practical and rapid filling system by turning the superior part of the clearomiser, the top cap.

Filling of the Zenith 2 Clearomiser:

Remplissage du Kit Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Innokin

  • Turn the top-cap towards the right following the indicated arrow signs.
  • Fill the Zenith 2 reservoir
  • Turn the top cap towards the left and close
  • If is the first filling, wait at least 5 minutes before vaping so the new coil is soaked well with e liquid.


Z Coils Compatibility!

Résistances du Kit Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Innokin

The Zenith 2 Clearomiser remains strongly compatible with all the Z coils by Innokin. From 0.3 Ω to 1.6 Ω, you will have a large choice of sensations and vape offered to all vapers. With the Coolfire Z80 Kit there are 2 x Z coil included:  

  • Z-Coil 0.3 Ω, for a vape in direct inhaling, constituted in mesh in Kanthal, to be used from 30 to 40 watts
  • Z-Coil 0.08 Ω, for a vape in indirect inhaling, constituted in Kanthal, to be used from 15 to 18 watts

Replacing the coil of the Zenith 2 Clearomiser:

Changement de résistances du Kit Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Innokin

  • Unscrew the inferior base of the Zenith 2 Clearomiser
  • Remove the used coil
  • Install the new coil into the middle of the tank
  • Wait 5 minutes so the coil is completely soaked with e liquid.

Features of the Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Clearomiser:

Dimensions du Kit Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Innokin

Dimensions of the Kit 130 x 27 x 38 mm Power 6W - 80W
Dimensions of the Box 84 x 27 x 38 mm Battery 1 x 18650
Dimensions of the Cearomiser 46 x 24 mm Range of Coils 0.1 Ω - 3.5 Ω
Material Zinc Alloys/Steel/Glass Coils Z Coils

The Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Kit is made by Innokin.

The Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Kit is delivered with:

Contenu du Kit Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Innokin

  • 1 Coolfire Z80 Box
  • 1 Zenith 2 Clearomiser
  • 1 Supplementary drip tip
  • 1 Z-Coil 0.3 Ω
  • 1 Z-Coil 0.8 Ω
  • 1 USB-C cable
  • 1 Utilisation notice in French

Discover the Environmentally Friendly Packaging of the Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Kit

Packaging du Kit Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 Innokin



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  • G. Duncan
  • publié le 29/07/2021
  • 5/5
Très bon produit
  • F. Samuel
  • publié le 29/07/2021
  • 5/5
Je passe de la Z50 à la Z80, celle ci est un peu plus grande, batterie remplaçable et l'imitation daim passe très bien . Le zenith était déjà une valeur sûre, la version 2 continue le même chemin, très content du produit .
  • N. P
  • publié le 29/07/2021
  • 4/5
Excellent kit MTL, très simple a utiliser. Le Zenith 2 est un très bon tank qui garde les bonnes idées du 1 et du pro et ajoute le cache de remplissage du zlide. Les réglages d'air sont très bien pensés, aucun problème. Pour le mod, y a qqes soucis de QA chez Innokin, mon boitier a une énorme goute de résine sur la face avant, mais ça me dérange pas. Pour l'instant le mode F a l'air d'un gadget, ça n'ajoute rien et diminue plutôt le goût dans mon cas, a voir avec d'autres goûts. Je trouve que l'autonomie avec un accu 3000 mAh est pas super, a voir si c'est le mod ou l'accu. Autrement pas trop mal, j'aurai aimé un mode discret qui garde l'écran éteint ou au moins un réglage de la brillance, et des contrôles de température avec du fil SS au moins mais rien de ça. Je reste satisfait dans l'ensemble c'est un mod très solide et le successeur parfait à mon Kroma-A.
  • S. Guillaume
  • publié le 23/07/2021
  • 5/5
Conforme à mes attentes.
  • G. Laurent
  • publié le 23/07/2021
  • 5/5
Matériel de qualité Je suis très satisfait
  • S. Sebastien
  • publié le 21/07/2021
  • 1/5
Bande de sécurité déchirée de la cigarette électronique alors que le colis postal est intact. Bref un produit d'occasion au prix d'un neuf, c'est plus que moyen
› Comment from le petit vapoteur the 29/07/2021

Bonjour, Nous sommes vraiment désolés pour le désagrément, et vous invitons à contacter le service après-vente depuis votre compte, rubrique "S.A.V" catégorie "Nous Contacter", afin d'obtenir plus d'informations sur le problème rencontré et réaliser le nécessaire au besoin. En vous remerciant. Bonne journée, l'équipe Le Petit Vapoteur.

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