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The Zlide Alfaliquid is an electronic cigarette ideal for beginners or fans of vape with a tight pull. A kit which accompanies flavours by the French manufacturers Alfaliquid. You will find the classic blond, dry and neutral with a light fruity note at the end of the expiration. There are 3 rates of nicotine available: 6, 11 and 16 mg/ml.

The Zlide Tube made by Innokin is an electronic cigarette, performant, autonomy and offers very good flavours. You can find the Zlide clearomiser of 4ml with a simple and clean filling. The Z coil (Zenith) offers you a tight pull vape.

The battery of the Zlide Tube has a generous capacity of 3000 mAh, rechargeable via USB (cable included). A coloured LED is present directly at the level of button which indicates the remaining charge. The kit is made entirely in stainless steel, robust and a tube format to sit perfectly in you hand.

The Zlide Alfaliquid Pack is the perfect gateway in the world of vape, allied with the daily choice of your cessation. The FR-M Alfaliquid is the most popular of classic e liquids with help of incalculable number of vapers.

The Zlide Tube Kit is made by Innokin.

The FR-M E liquid is made in France by Alfaliquid.

Height 136.23 mm
Diameter 24 mm
Capacity 4 ml
Autonomy 3000 mAh
Material Stainless Steel
Type of Vape Indirect Inhaling
Filling From the top
Coil Zenith Coil


Présentation du Pack Zlide Alfaliquid

The Zlide Alfaliquid pack is the perfect tool for tobacco cessation through the world of electronic cigarettes. You will find simple and autonomy material accompanied with classic flavoured e liquid, most popular in France. A pack which is definitely made to accompany you daily and chase those bad habits.

This Zlide Pack Alfaliquid is available with 3 different rates of nicotine of choice: 6, 11 or 16 mg/ml.

E liquid FR-M by Alfaliquid

Eliquides du Pack Zlide Alfaliquid

Alfaliquid proposes their classic base e liquid, perfect for beginners. Discover the Classic Blond, dry and neutral with a light hint of ref fruits to colour your vape. FR-M e liquid available in a 10ml bottle, 80/20 PG/VG with 3 different rates of nicotine (6, 11 or 16 mg).

Features of the FR-M Alfaliquid :

Propylene Glycol 80 % Vegetable Glycerine 20 %
Rate of Nicotine 6 / 11 / 16 mg/ml Capacity 10 ml
Type of Bottle PET / Child secured cap / Pourer Origine France

The e liquid FR-M is made in France by Alfaliquid.


Batterie du Pack Zlide Alfaliquid

Resistive and made for a long vape, the Zlide Tube kit by Innokin is made for vapers. A battery with good autonomy, made in stainless steel, a clearomiser which has good capacity of 4ml and reputed coils to respect flavours, what more do you need? And of course, with the tube format, the Zlide Tube Kit is also compact and allows you to freely vape in different circumstances.

To whom addresses the Zlide Tube Innokin ?

Prise en main du Pack Zlide Alfaliquid

With simple utilisation, there is no need to be an expert of the electronic cigarette to use the Zlide Tube Kit by Innokin. It is addresses public, non-connoisseur of the e cigarette. The performances in autonomy, quality of vape and the compact and practical format is made for public who need to vape all day long without heavy or volumed material.

Battery Tube Innokin

Batterie du Pack Zlide Alfaliquid

Elegant and robust, the Battery Tube is made in light Stainless Steel which is surprising for an internal battery of 3000 mAh. It has a diameter of 24mm.

With a range of coils from 0.4Ω to 3.0Ω, it can be used with several atomisers. The battery is, for example compatible with the Zenith Clearomiser by Innokin.

Simple Utilisation

Switch du Pack Zlide Alfaliquid

Simple to use, it functions with a unique switch and discreet LED which indicates the capacity of the battery:

  • DEL Green : 100%-40%
  • DEL Blue : 40%-10%
  • DEL Red : 10%-1%

The 3000 mAh battery has all the essentials protections for a safe and secure vape. The recharge is affected with the USB cable, which is supplied with a capacity of 1A. The Battery Tube automatically recognises the value of the coil and calculates the power for the clearomisers. Without settings are needed

 Zlide D24 Clearomiser

Clearomiseur du Pack Zlide Alfaliquid

With a capacity of 4ml, secured filling and is totally compatible with all the Z Coils of the Zenith Clearomiser, the Zlide D24 Clearomiser is a modern ato and performant.

It has a diameter of 24mm which is adapted to the Battery Tube but can also be installed on the mod box.

Flavoured Clearomiser 

Airflow du Pack Zlide Alfaliquid

Although it is not on the vapor side, the Zlide D24 Clearomiser is based on flavours and tight pull in indirect inhaling. This clearomiser is perfectly adapted to e liquids to a low rate of Vegetable Glycerine, Nicotine Salts and CBD.

Secured and Clean Filling

Remplissage du Pack Zlide Alfaliquid

The clearomiser of the Zlide Tube Kit has a secure and clean filling system. To access the 4ml reservoir, the 510 drip tip can be unscrewed. You can avoid accidental openings and leaking of e liquids. To fill it is simple enough to push the top cap towards the back. 

Filling of the Zlide Tube :

Mode d emploi du remplissage du du Pack Zlide Alfaliquid

  • Unscrew the drip-tip
  • Push the inclined part of the top cap towards the back
  • Fill the 2ml reservoir 
  • Close the top cap
  • Screw back on the drip tip
  • Wait a few minutes so the coil is completely soaked with e liquid before the first utilisation 

Z Coils

To change the coil of the Zlide D24, it is simple enough to vertically slide the coil in the reservoir. No need to unscrew. A Z Coil of 1.2Ω and a Z coil of 0.8Ω are delivered with the Zlide Tube Kit. With a first coil it offers an output power of around 13 watts and with the second it offers around 16 Watts

Installation of the Zlide Tube Kit:

Changement de résistance du Pack Zlide Alfaliquid

  • Unscrew the base part of the Zlide Clearomiser under the connection pin
  • Slide the new coil in the notch
  • Screw back on the Inferior part. 

Features of the Zlide Tube :

Dimensions du Pack Zlide Alfaliquid

Dimensions of the Kit 136.23 x 24 mm Capacity 4 ml
Dimensions of the Clearomiser  46.23 x 24 mm avec drip-tip Battery 3000 mAh
Dimensions of the Battery 90 x 24 mm Charging Capacity 1A
Drip-tip 510 Coils Z-Coils

The Zlide Tube Kit is made by Innokin.

The Zlide Alfaliquid Pack is delivered with:

  • 2 FR-M Alfaliquid E liquids in 6, 11 or 16 mg/ml
  • 1 Tube Battery
  • 1 Zlide D24 Clearomiser
  • 1 Z-coil 1.2Ω
  • 1 Z-coil 0.8Ω
  • 1 Supplementary Reservoir
  • 1 Detached Pieces Kit
  • 1 Supplementary 510 Drip Tip
  • 1 Micro-USB Cable
  • 1 Utilisation Notice
  • 1 Security Information Brochure

Discover the Packaging of the Packaging of the Zlide Alfaliquid

Packaging du Pack Zlide Alfaliquid

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