Forz TX80 Kit Vaporesso

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-18 If you do not smoke, do not vape

Use well the coils of the Forz TX80 Vaporesso


Range of Utilisation

Advised E Liquid

Type of Vape

Temperature Control

GTR Mesh 0.15 ohm

From 60 to 80 watts

Rate of High Glycerine (> 60%)

Direct Inhaling

No Temperature Control 

GTR Mesh 0.4 ohm

From 40 to 60 watts

Rate of High Glycerine (> 50%)

Direct Inhaling

No Temperature Control  

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62,90 €
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The Forz TX80 Kit by Vaporesso is a complete electronic cigarette to vape in al circumstances even with the most difficult of material. The Forz TX80 is made with several robust materials which allows it to be waterproof and resistive to dust, falls and shocks. The Forz Tank 25 is also made to resist the worst but with also a solid and waterproof coating. The 25mm tank has a capacity of 4.5ml and functions with the GTR Mesh Coil by Vaporesso.

The Forz TX80 box of the kit is also a beautiful machine for direct inhaling with a maximum power of 80 watts. Equipped with the Axon 2.0 chipset the box is entirely protected and proposes different and interesting functions such as the "Pulse" or "F(t)" to always boost the coils and conserve the rendering of flavours and optimal vapor.

The electronic mod is composed of the Forz TX80 Kit which functions with the 18650 format. It also disposes of a USB-C connection which allows a rapid recharge of your battery or to download the latest updates of the chipset.

Robust but also ergonomic are in program with the Forz TX80 Kit by Vaporesso with an agreeable hold in the hand and solid materials which are non-slip.

The Forz TX80 Kit is made by Vaporesso.

Batteries Non-Included.

Height 137.5 mm
Longueur 41.3 mm
Width 30.1 mm
Diameter 25 mm
Capacity 4.5 ml
Type of Vape DL
Battery 1x18650
Power 5w-80w


Présentation du Kit Forz TX80 Vaporesso

The Forz TX80 Kit is the first ‘all ground” kit by Vaporesso. Made to support the most extreme conditions, bad weather or shocks, the Forz TX80 Kit passes all the endurance tests to offer a performant vape in all circumstances! Brushed metal, leather, and silicone coating of the Forz TX80 box and also to protect the Forz Tank 25 sub-ohm clearomiser. A first, the Forz TX80 as the name indicates a diameter if 25mm in diameter and has a capacity of 4.5ml.

The Forz TX80 Kit Vaporesso is delivered with the GTR Mesh Coils, 0.15 and 0.4 Ω for a box of sensations up to 80 watts. The “Push & Pulls “coils without screws can be installed very easily and rapid in the Forz 25 Tank. Note the GTR Mesh coils by Vaporesso are made with antibacterial cotton fiber.

To whom addresses the Forz TX80?

Prise en main du Kit Forz TX80 Vaporesso

The Forz TX80 Kit will catch the eye of vapers in search of a robust kit for a vape in direct inhaling. A kit which does not fear water, dust or even falls. Vaporesso has done all the necessary on terms of material for solidity as well as a clearomiser which protects good capacity. The Forz TX80 Kit places all on ergonomics and comfort with an excellent “grip” in the hand. This is a kit for vaping everywhere with sensations present in flavours and good vapor, for all time.

Forz TX80 

Box du Kit Forz TX80 Vaporesso

The box of the Forz TX80 kit functions with the 18650 battery (non-included) has a maximum output power of 80 watts. The Axon 2.0 chipset proposes several functions and modes remaining simple to use with 3 setting buttons. It has an imposing diameter connection which allows the installation of large atomisers like the Forz Tank 25.


Matériaux du Kit Forz TX80 Vaporesso

Zinc alloys, silicone, leather, and reinforced screws equipped with the box of the Forz TX80 is waterproof and does not worry about dust, shocks or falls. The silicone gives excellent grip to the mod, the brushed finish in zinc is also agreeable to the eye. A little bit of leather on the back of the box of the Forz TX80 kit also offers excellent comfort in the hand. It is a robust and very agreeable kit.

Axon 2.0

Chipset du Kit Forz TX80 Vaporesso

Latest of the Vaporesso chipset, the Axon 2.0 which equips the Forz TX80 kit is nothing to envy like its colleagues. It is easy to use and navigate the menu with the buttons. The 0.69-inch OLED screen is clear and is concise to provide all the relevant information.

You will find on the Axon 2.0 the following modes:

  • The Pulse Mode gives throughout the draw a boost to the coils, so the rendering does not lose its effect.
  • The F(t) Mode which progressively increases the temperature of the coil which brings more relief to the flavours
  • The Power Eco Mode deactivates the Pulse Mode, it offers more autonomy to the batteries.
  • The Smart TC Mode detects the value of the coil and proposes a simplified temperature control.  
  • The DIY Mode allows you to manually regulate the several options to customise the power and rendering etc…

Forz Tank

Clearomiseur du Kit Forz TX80 Vaporesso

A robust all ground clearomiser. The clearomiser of the Forz TX80 Kit, the Forz Tank 25 has a soft coating and has a armor around the reservoir which allows utilisation in extreme conditions. The drip tip also has a silicone cap to avoid the intrusion of dirt.

 DL Tank

The clearomiser of the Fort TX80 Vaporesso is the ideal tank for direct inhaling. Replacing the coils and filling of the reservoir are simplified to facilitate your daily vape. 100% DL, the Forz Tank 25 has a very large aeration for good production of vapor and efficient cooling of the coil. The airflow disposes of less than 3 openings and is entirely adjustable.

Filling of the Forz TX80:

Remplissage du Kit Forz TX80 Vaporesso

  • Unscrew the top cap at the top of the clearomiser by turning it towards the right.
  • Fill the reservoir by the sides (not into the center)
  • Screw back on the top-cap 

 GTR Mesh Coils

Résistances du Kit Forz TX80 Vaporesso

For the DL clearomiser the coils must be adapted for a rendering of flavour and vapor. With the Forz TX80 Kit, the GTR 0.4 Ω Mesh and GTR 0.15 Ω Mesh are included. The coils are composed in mesh but also antibacterial cotton fiber. The coils have a range of power   and anti-leaking structure. It is called “Pull & Push” with no screws which can be installed directly inside the clearomiser.


  • GTR 0.4 Ω Mesh: to be used from 40 and 60 watts.
  • GTR 0.15 Ω Mesh: to be used from 60 and 80 watts.

Changing the coils of the Forz TX80:

Changement de résistances du Kit Forz TX80 Vaporesso

  • Unscrew the inferior base of the Forz Tank
  • Remove the used coil with the help of the tools
  • Install the new coil
  • Wait 10 to 15 minutes so the coil is completely soaked with e liquid

Features of the TX80  :

Dimensions du Kit Forz TX80 Vaporesso

Dimensions of the Kit  137.5 x 30.1 x 41.3 mm Material Steel / Zinc Alloys / Silicone / Leather
Dimensions of the Box 85 x 30.1 x 41.3 mm Capacity 4.5 ml
Dimensions of the Clearomiser 52.6 x 27.6 mm (connection 25 mm) Power 5 - 80 watts
Weight 232 g Battery 1 x 18650
Drip-Tip  810 Coils GTR Mesh Vaporesso

The Forz TX80 Kit is made by Vaporesso.

The Forz TX80 Kit is delivered with:

Contenu du Kit Forz TX80 Vaporesso

  • 1 Forz TX80 Box
  • 1 Forz Tank 25 Clearomiser
  • 1 GTR 0.4 Ω Mesh
  • 1 GTR 0.15 Ω Mesh
  • 1 Key for the coil
  • 1 Silicone drip tip cap
  • 1 Replacement reservoir
  • 1 USB Type-C Cable
  • 1 Changeable O Joints
  • 1 Utilisation notice

Discover the Packaging of the Forz TX80 Vaporesso

Packaging du Kit Forz TX80 Vaporesso

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