Cosmo G1 Kit Vaptio

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-18 If you do not smoke, do not vape

Use well the Cosmo G1 Coils Vaptio


Range of Utilisation

Advised E Liquid

Type of Vape

Temperature Control

Cosmo Coil C3 1.20 ohms

From 9 to 15 watts

Rate of Low Glycerine (< 50%)

Indirect Inhaling

No Temperature Control

Cosmo Coil C4 0.70 ohm mesh

From 10 to 20 watts

Rate of Medium Glycerine (env. 50%)

Direct Inhaling

No Temperature Control 

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31,90 €
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With the Cosmo G1, Vaptio reunites the best from the range of the Cosmo electronic cigarette in an efficient and elegant pod. Made for vaping in all situations gracious to its ideal size and ergonomics without fail, the Cosmo G1 respond to the needs of all vapers with a vape in indirect inhaling or more aired.

The Cosmo G1 Kit has a battery with good capacity: 1500 mAh which benefits with a rapid recharge in USB-C. The power can be adjusted from 5 to 35 watts. Delivered with the MTL C3 coils in 1.20 Ω and a DL C4 coil in 0.70 Ω, the Cosmo G1 Kit has a good idea to remain compatible with the excellent Cosmo Vaptio coils.

Another good idea, the filling of the 3ml reservoir, which is effectuated from the exterior. No need to remove the reservoir for a rapid filling and remains always clean. The reservoir ejects when you press on the button, as well as replacing the coil.

The Cosmo G1 Kit also offers the choice of aeration, and the type of pull you prefer, tight or open. A small lever on the side allows you to effectuate this setting.

Beautiful and polyvalent, the Cosmo G1 Kit responds simply to the needs of the vaper.

The Cosmo G1 Kit is made by Vaptio.

Height 113 mm
Longueur 28.9 mm
Width 23 mm
Capacity 3 ml
Autonomy 1500 mAh
Material Zinc/PCTG
Type of Vape MTL/DL
Coil Cosmo/BVC


Présentation du Kit Cosmo G1 Vaptio

Vaptio proposes the Cosmo G1 Kit, an elegant and efficient pod. With a battery of 1500 mAh and a reservoir of 3ml, the Cosmo G1 is equipped for a vape in direct and indirect inhaling. Made with multiple materials, it has a sober and fine figure with cared for finishes. With the Cosmo G1 all is of choice: coil, aeration, power… The Cosmo G1 is polyvalent and allows you to choose the coil (it is even compatible with the BVC Aspire). The power can be set from 5 to 35 watts and the aeration adjusts with the help of the lever on the front.

Always thinking about doing things right, Vaptio have put in place the filling from the top of the Cosmo G1. The filling is effectuated by the exterior with removing the reservoir. The Cosmo Cartridge is integrated with a coil which is entirely secure and pressing on the button on the front of the pod unblocks the cartridge. The Cosmo G1 benefits with a USB connection for a rapid recharge with the cable included.

To whom address the Cosmo G1 by Vaptio ?

Prise en main du Kit Cosmo G1 Vaptio

The Cosmo G1 is very simple to use and is perfectly convenient for beginners in vape. Polyvalent it is convenient for amateurs in vape of direct and indirect inhaling. The two coils allow you to have an idea for the capacity. It can also be used for vaping e liquids with nicotine salts or CBD. The 1500 mAh battery allows you to vape all day long.

Cosmo G1

Design du Kit Cosmo G1 Vaptio

After the beautiful range of Cosmo kits, Vaptio proposes the pod mod version. With a fine and elegant figure also with beautiful finishes. The Cosmo G1 is made with zinc alloys, polycarbonate and PCTG. The Cosmo G1 has an OLED screen of 0.69-inches and also a button which liberates the Cosmo cartridge from the battery. Note: the long drip tip, special flavour, is 510 standard. It can therefore be replaced with your favourite drip tip.

Drip-tip du Kit Cosmo G1 Vaptio

Secured Reservoir

Réservoir sécurisé du Kit Cosmo G1 Vaptio

This is an excellent idea, to have a reservoir accessible without having to disassemble it. The 3ml which is the capacity of this reservoir is made by sealed opening at the top of the Cosmo G1. The filling is rapid and clean.

Exterior Filling

Remplissage du Kit Cosmo G1 Vaptio

This is an excellent idea, to have a reservoir accessible without having to disassemble it. The 3ml which is the capacity of this reservoir is made by sealed opening at the top of the Cosmo G1. The filling is rapid and clean.

Filling of the Cosmo G1

Mode d'emploi du remplissage du Kit Cosmo G1 Vaptio

  • Unclip the silicone cap on the Cosmo G1 reservoir
  • Fill the 3ml reservoir
  • Close the silicone cap

Adjustable Airflow

Airflow du Kit Cosmo G1 Vaptio

The Cosmo G1 is equipped with a small lever which allows the aeration control of the cartridge. This offers a pull which is suits you best, tight or open associated with the Cosmo coils delivered.

 Cosmo Coils

Résistances du Kit Cosmo G1 Vaptio

The Cosmo G1 Kit is compatible with all the coils from the Cosmo range. The coils are reputed for their longevity and qualities with rendering of flavours. The Cosmo G1 is also compatible with the BVC Aspire coils.  

  • Cosmo C3 1.20 Ω in Kanthal, indirect inhaling. To be used from 9 to 15W
  • Cosmo C4 0.70 Ω mesh for a vape in direct inhaling. To be used from 10 to 20W

Changing the coil of the Cosmo G1

Changement de résistance du Kit Cosmo G1 Vaptio

  • Press on the button to eject the cartridge
  • Screw in a new coil into the adapter
  • Insert the coil into the reservoir
  • Install the reservoir onto the Cosmo G1 pod.

Features of the Cosmo G1 :

Dimensions du Kit Cosmo G1 Vaptio

Dimensions 113.05 x 23 x 28.9 mm Power 5W - 35W
Material Alliage zinc/PC/PCTG Autonomy 1500 mAh
Capacity 3 ml Charge 5V/1A
Drip-tip 510 Coils Cosmo/BVC

The Cosmo G1 Kit is made by Vaptio.

The Cosmo G1 Kit is delivered with:

Contenu du Kit Cosmo G1 Vaptio

  • 1 Cosmo G1
  • 1 Cosmo G1 Cartridge
  • 1 Cosmo C3 1.20 Ω Coil
  • 1 Cosmo C4 0.70 Ω Mesh
  • 1 USB-C Cable
  • 1 Utilisation Notice

Discover the Packaging of the Cosmo G1 Vaptio

Packaging du Kit Cosmo G1 Vaptio

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