iStick Rim Kit Eleaf

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Choose well the coils for the iStick Rim


Range of Utilisation

Advised E Liquid

Type of Vape

Temperature Control

EC-M 0.15 Ω

From 30W to 75 Watts

Rate of High Glycerine (>50%)

Direct Inhaling

No Temperature Control

EC-S 0.6 ohm

From15 to 30 Watts 

Rate of High Glycerine (>50%)

Direct or Indirect Inhaling

Temperature Control with the iStick Rim


With the iStick Rim, Eleaf has created an Electronic Cigarette which will complete the needs of vaper, beginners and experienced. The iStick Rim is an easy to use model, ergonomic and comfortable. The iStick Rim is composed of the iStick Rim battery and the Melo 5 Clearomiser. The iStick Rim brings all the necessary commodities with the E Cigarettes of the moment: secured filling, 4ml reservoir protected with silicone, 3000 mAh battery and recharge via cable USB-C in 40 only minutes. 

The maximum output power of the iStick Rim is 80 Watts, which is enough power for the EC-S coils which are entirely compatible with all the Melo Coils by Eleaf

To be top in modernity, Eleaf has added automatic Temperature Control, without any changes to be made from the vaper. The iStick Rim also detects the absence of e liquid avoiding any "burning tastes" and the risk of damaging the coil. With the iStick Rim, you have a finish with the IML "In Molding Label" which offers a large variety of colours and forms with modern and robust impressions. 

The iStick Rim is made by Eleaf. 

Height 133 mm
Longueur 30.3 mm
Width 36 mm
Weight 187.4 g
Capacity 4 ml
Autonomy 3000 mAh
Power 80 W
Coil EC Melo


For experienced vapers who are aware of the iStick and Melo. A good number between themselves have started the Electronic Cigarette by using the famous Boxes and Clearomisers by Eleaf. With the iStick Rim, is the actual version, simple and efficient proposed by Eleaf. 

The iStick Rim is composed of the latest Melo 5 Clearomiser and the EC-S and EC-M, different and complementary. The Melo 5 has a revolutionary filling system against, against leaking of e liquids. A 4ml reservoir in capacity and is protected by a spiral silicone, efficient against falls and shocks. To finish, the polyvalent airflow allows you to regulate the pull, aired or tight. 

The iStick Rim has an integrated battery of 3000 mAh. With a compact size, ergonomics and finishes which offer excellent comfort of utilisation. The mod is associated with the robust IML and a silicone band for a good hold in the hand. The iStick Rim Box which has only one vaping mode, the VW mode for exclusive utilisation in Watts. But be careful, with the EC-S of 0.6ohm in SS316L, the iStick Rim is capable of avoiding dry-burns in case the absence of e liquid. 

To whom addresses the iStick Rim Eleaf ?

With the iStick Rim Kit, Eleaf has drastically reduced the daily problems of vaping: leaking of e liquids, burnt tastes, boxes with complex settings etc.… The iStick Rim is practical for a daily vape which is convenient for vapers of all levels. It has a good battery capacity (3000 mAh), the reservoir has a good level for e liquids, the retro compatibility of the Melo 5 with all the EC Coils of the Melo Range, very interesting assets. And more, the kit offers a very polyvalent vape with a pull which is convenient for the vaper, tight or aired.

Melo 5 Clearomiser 

The Melo 5 Clearomisers and the bubble reservoir has a frame with a diameter of 26mm at the base and 28mm at the level of the reservoir. An imposing  clearomiser but also allows you to have a good capacity of 4ml, with a bonus of a built-in protection reservoir. The silicone spiral around the tank in effect is also practical in case of falls and shocks.

Comfortable Utilisation

Eleaf has thought of comfort for the vaper by inventing practical and different tips. The filling is also amazing for keeping the clearomiser hermetic. It assures, at the same time child protection with an opening which operates in two movements. The changing of the coils is also clean, unscrewing the base of the Melo 5 automatically closes the arrival of e liquid in the tank. It is also possible to replace the Melo 5 coil with a full of e liquid.  


Filling of the Melo 5

  • Lift the top-cap
  • Push the top cap towards the back
  • Fill the tank by the window

Changing the Coil of the Melo 5

  • Unscrew the base of the Melo 5
  • Unscrew the used coil
  • Replace with the new coil
  • Soak the coil with e liquid
  • Screw back on the base of the Melo 5

Polyvalent Airflow 

The Melo 5 Clearomiser is polyvalent and offers the best balance between vapor and savour. The Melo 5 has a double airflow with numerous openings, very fine, and other openings. This airflow adapts to the installed coil and allows different pulls, aired or tight.

Coils of the iStick Rim

  • EC-S 0.6ohm, to be used with the type Mesh in SS316L. The rapidity of the heat is increased. The SS316L allows the iStick Rim Box to detect the absence of e liquid gracious to the automatic temperature control protection. To be used from 15 to 30 watts.
  • EC-M 0.15 ohm constructed around the reactive mesh, it can be used for the production of vapor and direct inhaling between 30 and 75 watts.


iStick Rim

New member of the iStick family, the iStick Rim is an ergonomic box, of a small size (80mm in height) and light (112.5g). Covered with solid finishes in IML and Silicone, the iStick Rim has ergonomics which have been worked on to bring comfort and pleasure in vape. With a central connection of 26mm in diameter, you can install numerous atomisers, including the Melo 5. Between box and tubular mod, the iStick Rim has found excellent understanding of ergonomics.

3000 mAh

For a longer vape, the iStick Rim is integrated with a battery of 3000 mAh, a very good capacity for a longer vape with the Melo 5. It equally has a USB Type-C connection for recharging, with the adequate cable supplied. The protocol support of the mod QC3.0/PD3.0 signifies that the box can be entirely recharged in only 40 minutes.

Simple Box

Simple to use, but not simplest, on, the contrary. With the iStick Rim, itis possible to vape in watts mode, with an output power of 80 Watts maximum and several shots when starting. The chipset of the iStick Rim can equally take on charge the Temperature Control. This TC is simple and automatic which functions with the EC-S coil in SS316L. The box recognizes the absence of e liquid in the Melo 5 Clearomiser. No settings are needed

Features of the iStick Rim :

Dimensions of the Kit 133 x 30.3 x 36 mm Capacity 4 ml
Dimensions of the Clearomiser 26 to 28 mm x 57.3 mm Battery 3000 mAh
Dimensions of the Box 80 x 30.3 x 36 mm Power 80 watts
 Weight 187.4 g Coils EC Melo
Drip-Tip 510 Range of Coils 0.05-3.0 ohms

The iSick Rim Kit is made by Eleaf.

The iStick Rim is delivered with:

  • 1 iStick Rim
  • 1 Melo 5
  • 1 EC-M 0.15 ohm Coil
  • 1 EC-S 0.6 ohm Coil
  • 1 Detached Pieces Kit
  • 1 QC3.0 USB Cable
  • 2 Utilisation Notices

Discover the Packaging of the iStick Rim Eleaf

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  • A. Mickaël
  • publié le 08/07/2020
  • 3/5
Très bien
  • B. Pascal
  • publié le 05/07/2020
  • 3/5
Trop fragile
  • C. Laetitia
  • publié le 03/07/2020
  • 5/5
Apres avoir testé plusieurs E-cigarette jai enfin trouvé celle qui me correspondait, Je recommande fortement pour les débutants
  • B. Chantal
  • publié le 03/07/2020
  • 2/5
la batterie Ne tient pas longtemps contrairement a ce que vous dites et de plus il ne devait pas avoir de fuite et j'en ai eu presque tout de suite un peu deçue
  • B. Marc
  • publié le 03/07/2020
  • 5/5
Design et nuisance attendus
  • D. Hugo
  • publié le 03/07/2020
  • 5/5
très bon produit, intuitive et peu cher, je recommande.
  • C. Marie
  • publié le 01/07/2020
  • 5/5
trop cool!!!
  • D. Melissa
  • publié le 01/07/2020
  • 4/5
Je la trouve top avoir après avec les résistance dans le temps
  • R. Valerie
  • publié le 01/07/2020
  • 4/5
Très bien pour l'instant et en plus très joli. Je trouve juste l'embout un peu large pour moi. Je vais voir s'il existe un adaptateur pour rétrécir la sortie...
  • L. Cécile
  • publié le 30/06/2020
  • 5/5
Super! La batterie est top niveau design et autonomie. Le melo 5 est vraiment bien, en vape direct ou indirecte, la puissance est adaptable, bonne capacité du clearo, résistance facile à changer. Je recommande.
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