Ijust 21700 Kit Eleaf

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Use well the coils for the Ijust 21700 Eleaf


Range of Utilisation

Advised E Liquid

Type of vape

Temperature Control 

HW-N2 0.20 ohm

To be used from 40W to 90W

Rate of High Glycerine(>50%)

Direct Inhaling

No Temperature Control

HW-M2 0.20 ohm

To be used from 40W to 90W

Rate of High Glycerine (>50%)

Direct Inhaling

No Temperature Control 



The Ijust 21700 Kit by Eleaf is an Electronic Cigarette in a tubular format compatible with the high-performance battery 21700. The Kit is composed with the Ello Duro Sub Ohm Clearomiser, which has been completely re-designed to have a capacity of 5ml for e liquid.

The Ijust kit 21700 is also interesting for all the new coils HW-M2 and HW-N2. The have an internal architecture which avoids the leaking of e liquids for flux condensation, even after a period of inactivity. A new cotton fiber has also been designed for this coil.

The Ijust 21700 Kit is a vapor kit made for its performances, with very simple utilisation: a switch, LED, good autonomy gracious to the 21700 battery and has an ideal output power of 80 watts. The Ijust 21700 tube, of course has all the protections required for a Zen vape.

The Ijust 21700 Kit is made by Eleaf 

The AVATAR AVB 21700 Battery is supplied with the Kit

Height 148 mm
Diameter 25 mm
Capacity 5,5 ml/4 ml
Tank Acrylic
Type of Vape Direct Inhaling
Battery 21700/18650
Power 80W
Coil HW


Présentation du Kit Ijust 21700 Eleaf

A tubular Electronic Mod compatible with the 21700 battery, a sub ohm clearomiser which has a triple airflow, anti-leaking coils, all we need to resume the Ijust 21700 Kit. Performant and simple, for vapor and a nomad vape. The tubular format is appreciated for its lack of clutter, which is marvelous to be used with the 21700 battery. The mod remains compatible with the 18650 battery.

The Ijust 21700 Kit assures good performances in vapor with the Mesh coils which is used for the first time in cotton fiber which rapidly absorbs thick e liquids. The HW-M2 and the HW-N2 of 0.20 ohms also has an internal design which stops condensation droplets and avoids e liquids from leaking even after inactivity of the Mod. Ideal to be vaped everywhere.

To whom addresses the Ijust 21700 Eleaf?

 Kit Ijust 21700 Eleaf

Entirely designed for the production of vapor, performances of the Ijust 21700 Kit are designed for the vapers who love direct inhaling with a low rate of nicotine even in 0mg/ml. The major interest of the Ijust 21700 is to offer autonomy with les clutter. The tubular format itself id made for a nomad vape and is compatible with the 21700 type batteries, a reservoir with a capacity of 5.5ml allowing a longer vape with the usual kits.

21700 Mod

Mod 21700 du Kit Ijust 21700 Eleaf

The Ijust 21700 Mod functions with the 21700 (included) or the 18650 (non-included) battery. It has an output power which can be reached up to 80 watts with the chipset which automatically recognises the coils and the mod does not need any settings what so ever. Entirely secured, the mod has a range of coils from 0.10 to 3.0 ohm. With a diameter of 25mm it allows you to associate reconstructable material without any problems.

Diamètre du Kit Ijust 21700 Eleaf

LED Switch

Switch du Kit Ijust 21700 Eleaf

The 21700 Mod is equipped with a chipset which assures the usual protections: over charging, surges, short circuits etc. The switch is of a generous size which assures intuitive utilisation and the LED allows you to recognize the charging level of the battery.

  • Green LED = Capacity of 100%-60%
  • Orange LED = Capacity of 59%-30%
  • Blue LED = Capacity of 29%-10%
  • Red LED = Capacity less than - 9%


Clearomiseur Ello Duro du Kit Ijust 21700 Eleaf

With the 21700 Ijust Kit, the Ello Duro Clearomiser come with an Acrylic reservoir which has a capacity of 5.5ml. It has an assorted colours with the 810-drip tip which is placed on the volumed tank. If you wish to modify the allure of the Ello Duro, a straight tank is supplied which passes over to a capacity of 4ml.

Drip-tip du Kit Ijust 21700 Eleaf

Aired Clearomiser

Airflow du Kit Ijust 21700 Eleaf

The Ello Duro Clearomiser is part of the sub ohm clearomisers with triple airflows. The three openings are particularly generous (and entirely adjustable) promises consequent vapor. At the top of the Ello Duro you will have a real 810 standard drip tip which can be replaced if you wish.

Simplified Filling

With the Ello Duro, the filling of the 5.5ml reservoir in acrylic is simple and clean It is effectuated by pushing the top-cap towards the back. This "top-fill" is in good form.  

Filling of the Ello Duro Clearomiser

Remplissage du Kit Ijust 21700 Eleaf

  • See the symbol on the top cap
  • Push the cap towards the back
  • Fill the reservoir with e liquid  
  • Close the top-cap
  • Wait a few minutes so the coil is completely soaked with e liquid before the first utilisation of the coil.

HW 2 Coils

Résistances du Kit Ijust 21700 Eleaf

The new coils complete this vapor kit Ijust 21700. The coils HW-M2 and HW-N2 of 0.20 ohm which are constituted in more or less fine stitched mesh. The cotton fiber is specially designed for this coil. The fiber is effectively more porous to assure permanent soaking of the coil.

  • HW-M2 0.20 ohm, constituted in Kanthal, Large stitched mesh, to be used from 40 to 90 watts
  • HW-N2 0.20 ohm, constituted in Kanthal, Fine stitched mesh, to be used from 40 to 90 watts

Changement de résistance du Kit Ijust 21700 Eleaf

Anti-Leaking Coils

Résistance anti-fuite du Kit Ijust 21700 Eleaf

The HW 2 Coils are equipped with an aeration near the pin connection. The air is re-distributed by the center of the coil through the cone which has multiple openings. This new conception for the air allows the e liquid to be permanently sent to the cotton fiber. The coil keeps all the condensation droplets and avoids the leaking of e liquid.

 Features of the Ijust 21700:

Dimensions du Kit Ijust 21700 Eleaf

Dimensions 148 x 25 mm Battery 1x21700/18650
Weight without Battery 110 g Power 80 watts
Capacity 5,5 ml/4 ml Range of Coil 0.10-3.0 ohms
Drip-Tip  810 Recharge USB

The Ijust 21700 Kit is made by Eleaf


The Ijust 21700 Kit is delivered with:

  • 1 Ijust 21700
  • 1 Ello Duro
  • 1 Avatar AVB 21700 30A Battery 
  • 1 Straight Tube 4ml
  • 1 HW-M2 0.20-ohm Coil
  • 1 HW-N2 o.20-ohm Coil
  • 1 QC USB Cable
  • 1 Utilisation Notice

Discover the Packaging of the Ijust 21700 Eleaf

Packaging du Kit Ijust 21700 Eleaf 

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Sur le coup surpris par la grosseur mais une super prise en main du coup elle ne glisse pas le fait que les watts ne sont pas réglable bein du coup c est très très économique en batterie une pile 21700 me dure la journée mon ancien modèle c t 2 à 3 piles pour 40 watts en moyenne pour le MM temps un excellent compromis à très faible prix comparé
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Super mod tiens bien la charge et super élégant
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très bon produit, bonne autonomie, pas de fuite pour le moment, à voir dans quelques temps
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Nickel. Qualité au rdv...
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Ca coule ... ca coule ...
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kit ijust avec accu 21700. Tiens toute la journée ! parfait!
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Super matos prix hyper compétitif
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