XROS Nicotine Salts Pack

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22,90 €
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The XROS Nicotine Salts Pack contains the XROS pod by Vaporesso, ideal for vaping with the Le Petit Vapoteur nicotine salts e liquid, Menthe Glaciale, Tropic Ice and Classic Leger with 20mg/ml in nicotine salts.

The XROS pod proposes in effect a vape in a tight pull which is adjustable depending on your preference. The pod is integrated with a 800 mAh battery which is rechargeable in USB-C. It is delivered with 2 cartridges, one in 1.2 Ω and another in 0.8 Ω which can be filled with an e liquid of your choice, up to 2ml. The cartridge in 1.2 Ω is ideal for nicotine salts. The cartridge in 0.8 Ω allows you to vape with other types of e liquid which has an output power of 20 watts maximum.

The XROS pod is the cutting edge of technology with an inhaling which is automatically activated with aspiration, or with the help of the switch, of choice. The XROS pod is compact for vaping everywhere and can be rapidly recharged which is a supplementary asset for a longer vape.

The XROS Pack is delivered with:

  • 1 XROS pod Vaporesso
  • 1 Le Petit Vapoteur Nicotine Salts e liquid: Menthe Glaciale, Tropic Ice or Classic Léger, in 10 ml, 20 mg/ml

The XROS pod is made by Vaporesso, and the e liquids are made by Le Petit Vapoteur.


Height 112 mm
Length 23 mm
Width 13 mm
Weight 50 g
Capacity 2 ml
Autonomy 800 mAh
Material SS304 / PCTG
Type of Vape Indirect Inhaling


Le Petit Vapoteur proposes you to discover or rediscover e liquids in nicotine salts available in 20mg/ml. For this the XROS electronic cigarette is ideal. It offers a good choice of pulls for indirect inhaling with nicotine salts. Compact for vaping everywhere. Rapid recharge with the USB-C, the pod is modern by proposing automatic inhaling or with the classic switch.

Robust as well as elegant, the XROS pod is made with materials which do not fear shocks: stainless steel and PCTG. It benefits with a elegant brushed finish. This small pod has a good battery of 800 mAh which can be rapidly recharged via the USB-C connection with the cable included. The pod is also delivered with 2 cartridges which can hold up to 2ml in e liquid, integrated with coils from 1.2 Ω and 0.8 Ω.

In this pack you will find 3 Le Petit Vapoteur with Nicotine Salts of choice: Menthe Glaciale, Tropic Ice or Classic Léger. Proposes in a 10ml bottle and 20mg/ml in nicotine.

To whom addresses the XROS ? 

Prise en main du Pod XROS Vaporesso

Why not take the first steps with the electronic cigarette with the XROS pod? The pod by Vaporesso is in effect very easy to use and offers a vape which is convenient for amateurs of tight draws. The XROS pod is also convenient for vapers in search of a discreet and less bulky vaporiser. With a battery of 800 mAh, coils in mesh which boosts the flavours, the XROS pod offers a moment of vape incomparable moment of vape to taste the flavours of your e liquids. The pod is also adapted for vaping e liquids with nicotine salts or CBD.

Portable, robust

Légerté du Pod XROS Vaporesso

Vaporesso have designed the XROS pod, an electronic cigarette which is compact has a battery of 800 mAh. Surrounded in stainless steel 304, the XROS pod is also resistive, and does not fear corrosion and also brushed finishes. The reservoir is made in recyclable and transparent PCTG so you can clearly see the capacity of e liquid.


Switch du Pod XROS Vaporesso

Why make it complicated when technology can make it simple? The XROS pod and the Axon chipset offers all the necessary and usual protections and allows a vape with or without the activation button. The XROS pod automatically detects the aspiration of the vaper and offers rapid inhaling with the mesh coil.


Airflow du Pod XROS Vaporesso

Rare for a pod of this size, it is possible to adjust the air with the XROS pos. This has a small lever to regulate the pull, tight or aired but always in indirect inhaling. 

 XROS Cartridge

Cartouches du Pod XROS Vaporesso

Two cartridges are proposed with the XROS pod, a coil in 1,2 Ω for e liquids with a high rate of nicotine, nicotine salts or CBD. Or a coil in 0,8 Ω which offers a vape full of punch, up to 20 watts in power. The two coils are constituted in mesh which optimizes flavours and a hit in the throat.

 2 ml Capacity

Contenance du Pod XROS Vaporesso

To fill the cartridge, it is simple enough to remove the XROS drip tip. A silicone opening opens with the pressing of the pipette of your e liquid bottle. The reservoir can hold up to 2ml in e liquid. The reservoir is made in resistive polymer, transparent PCTG which allows you to verify the presence of e liquid in the reservoir. This avoids the coil from being damaged.

Filling of the XROS :

Remplissage du Pod XROS Vaporesso

  • Remove the drip-tip of the pod
  • Introduce the pipette of the e liquid bottle in the silicone opening
  • Fill the reservoir 2ml in e liquid
  • Install the drip-tip in the cartridge
  • Wait a few minutes so the coil is soaked with e liquid


USB-C du Pod XROS Vaporesso

For 800 mAh power can be recharged rapidly Vaporesso have installed a USB-C connection (cable included) and has a capacity of 5V/1A. The battery can be recharged in around 45 mins.

Features of the XROS Vaporesso :

Dimensions du Pod XROS Vaporesso

Dimensions 112 x 13 x 23 mm Battery 800 mAh
Material SS304/PCTG Recharge Capacity 5V/1A
Weight 50 g Maximum Power 20 W

The XROS Pod is made by Vaporesso.

The XROS pod is delivered with:

Contenu du Pod XROS Vaporesso

  • 1 XROS Pod
  • 1 XROS 0,8 Ω (2 ml) cartridge
  • 1 XROS 1,2 Ω (2 ml) cartridge
  • 1 USB-C Cable
  • 1 Utilisation Notice

Le Petit Vapoteur Nicotine Salts E Liquids

e liquide classic sels de nicotine 

Classic Léger with Nicotine Salts 

Savour this excellent Classic with Nicotine Salts
e liquide fruité sels de nicotine

 Tropic Ice with Nicotine Salts

A delicious mixture of pineapple and coconut accompanied with a real touch of freshness. An ideal e liquid to make the most of the summer days. 

Menthe Glaciale with Nicotine Salts

An ideal e liquid for the vapers who love power and freshness offered by this Mint.

Features of the Le Petit Vapoteur Nicotine Salt E Liquids:

RATE OF PG : 50 % RATE OF VG : 50 %
ORIGIN : FRANCE TYPE OF BOTTLE : PET with protection and pourer

The Le Petit Vapoteur Nicotine Salts are made in France.

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  • C. Flavien
  • publié le 20/07/2021
  • 5/5
Très bien pour le prix et l'utilité de la cigarette
  • N. Gregoire
  • publié le 16/07/2021
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soucis au niveau du réservoir, j'avale du produit constamment ..
  • Y. Guy
  • publié le 14/07/2021
  • 5/5
De très bonnes sensations, format pratique, charge rapide
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