Cosmo Vaptio Kit

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Use well the coils of your kit Cosmo Vaptio


Range of Use

Advised E Liquid

Type of Vape


Cosmo C1 1.6 Ω

10 - 15 watts

For an e liquid with a low VG rate (< 50%)

Indirect vaping (low vapor production)

Moderate e liquid consumption

Cosmo C2 0.7 Ω

15 - 23 watts

For an e liquid with an average VG rate (≈50%)

Versatile vape (medium vapor production)

Average e liquid consumption

- +
23,90 €
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Vapito have created the Cosmo Kit, an Electronic Cigarette which is perfectly adapted to your daily needs for vaping. For beginners or for an all day vape, the Cosmo Kit has the basics with ease and has comfortable utilisation which close to perfection.

The Cosmo kit is equipped with a clearomiset which offers a vape in direct and indirect inhaling, gracious to the new patented airflow. The Cosmo Clearomiser is delivered with 2 Cosmo Coils adapted to DL (0.7 ohm) and MTL (1.60 ohms), but that is not all, the clearomiser is also compatible with the Nautilus BVC Coils! Probably the best MTL Coils on the market. 

With the Cosmo Kit, the Electronic Cosmo Mod is a simple model and has endurance. Simple, it proposes 3 powerful vapes, which can reach up to 30 Watts. Autonomy, it has an integrated battery of 1500 mAh which allows an all day vape with the Cosmo Coil 1.60 ohms. Light and agreeable in the hand, the Cosmo Mod can be recharged via ISB Micro Port, very rapidly. The ultra compact size allows a free vape. 

The Cosmo Kit is made by Vaptio.

Height 125.80 mm
Width 27 mm
Diameter 18.5 mm
Capacity 2 ml
Autonomy 1500 maH
Power 1- 30W
Coil Cosmo / BVC
Compatibility Cosmo / Nautilus BVC
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Présentation du Kit Cosmo Vaptio

Vapito have understood everything for the needs of a vaper, whether it is for beginners or experienced. The Cosmo Kit is light and compact, easy to use and performant in flavour and vape. The kit proposes a mod which is completely electronic, equipped with a battery of 1500 mAh and 3 different power settings. This can be reached upto 30 Watts. 

The Cosmo Clearomiser is very fine, and has a capacity of 2ml, a filling from the top system which is simple and hermetic. The aeration system offers numerous possibilities of pulls and the setting is operated by turning the reservoir, which is a huge first and especially very practical. 

The two cosmo coils delivered allow a vape either in indirect inhaling with the 1.60 ohms and direct inhaling with the 0.70 ohm. The first coil is ideal for the e liquids with Nicotine Salts. The second offers more flavours and vapor with classic e liquids. To finish, the Cosmo Kit also has the enormous advantage to be entirely compatible with the most recognised MTL Coils: the Nautilus BVC. 

To whom addresses the Cosmo Vaptio Kit ?

The Cosmo Kit by Vapito is convenient for beginners in vape as well as expert vapers in search of simple and reliable material. The Cosmo Kit takes simplicity and quality by proposing a mod which is enduring without complex settings. The 1500 mAh battery allows an all day vape with the Cosmo Coil in 1.60 ohms. The Cosmo Clearomiser and Cosmo Coils delivered offer a polyvalent vape, direct or indirect ihhaling, which allows varied sensations and also follow the evolution of your vape. You can for example start with the Cosmo Coil in 1.60 ohm associated with e liquids which have a high rate of Nicotine Salts. Much later you can pass to other e liquids  with the Cosmo Coil in 0.70 ohm. 

Cosmo Mod

Mod du Kit Cosmo Vaptio

The Cosmo Mod is a fine and light Electronic Cigarette. It contains a battery which has a good capacity of 1500 mAh. The Cosmo Mod has all the necessary protection (short-circuits, long press on the switch, etc...) for a calmer vape. 

Very compact, it is discreet and you will hardly feel it in your pocket. It is made with light material in Zinc Alloys and ABS. 

Three Power Options

Indication de batterie du Kit Cosmo Vaptio

The Cosmo Mod is simple to use, as it only has 2 switches. One for vaping (or switch off the mod), and the other to choose the power toward the coil. There are 3 options which you can choose from: High Power, Medium Power and Low Power. A small screen indicates the choice of power. The maximum power of the Cosmo Mod is 30 Watts. 

Charging Indicator

Led témoin du Kit Cosmo Vaptio

The coloured LED indicates the vaper, the charging level of the battery in colour code:

  • LED Red : 0-30%
  • LED Green : 30-70%
  • LED Blue : 70-100%.

The Cosmo Mod is rechargeable via USB Micro Port with the supplied cable.

Charge par USB du Kit Cosmo Vaptio

 Cosmo Clearomiser

Clearomiseur du Kit Cosmo Vaptio

The Cosmo Clearomiser is of a small size which is very efficient. It has a diameter which is relatively thin: 18.5mm, it is only lighter. The reservoir has a capacity of 2ml and the filling is effectuated by simply unscrewing the top cap of the Clearomiser, a quarter turn. On the top cap, you will find a standard 510 drip tip. It can be replaced with a drip tip of your choice, if you wish. 

Drip-tip du Kit Cosmo Vaptio

Patented Airflow 

Airflow du Kit Cosmo Vaptio

One of the particlarities of the Cosmo Clearomiser offers two types of vape: direct inhaling, indirect inhaling The aeration of the Cosmo proposes different openings at the base which is regulated by simply turning the reservoir. With this system, there is no need for rotating airflow rings which can be difficult to turn. The airflow does remain hermetic ans does not provoke any leaking of liquids. 

 Cosmo Coils

Résistances du Kit Cosmo Vaptio

Two Cosmo Coils are supplied with the Cosmo Kit by Vapito. These coils are made in Kanthal A1, different and complementary. In effect it allows a vape depending on your preferences in indirect inhaling (MTL) or direct inhaling (DL) and especially in function with your e liquid and your need for nicotine. The Cosmo Coil C1 in 1.60 ohms is also indicated for vaping with e liquids in Nicotine Salts. 

  • Cosmo C1 Coil : 1,60 ohms, for a vape in MTL, to be used from 10 to 15 watts
  • Cosmo C2 Coil : 0,70 ohm, for a vape in DL, to be used from  15 to 23 watts

Filling of the Cosmo Clearomiser

Remplissage du Kit Cosmo Vaptio

  • Unscrew the top cap by a quarter turn
  • Fill the reservoir with e liquid
  • Screw back on the top-cap
  • Wait a few minutes so the coil is completely soaked with e liquid  

Installation of the Coil

Changement de résistance du Kit Cosmo Vaptio

  • Hold the reservoir in one hand
  • Turn the base of the Clearomsier towards the left
  • Replace the Coil
  • Soak the new coil with e liquid
  • Screw back on the base

Features of the Cosmo by Vaptio :

Dimensions du Kit Cosmo Vaptio

Dimensions of the Kit 125.8 x 20.30 x 27 mm Capacity 2 ml
Dimensions of the Mod 68.9 x 20.3 x 27 mm Battery 1500 mAh
Dimensions of the Kit 56.9 x 18.5 mm Power 1-30 watts
Drip-Tip 510 Charging Capacity 5V/1A

The Cosmo Kit is delivered with Vaptio.

The Cosmo Kit is delivered with:

Contenu du Kit Cosmo Vaptio

  • 1 Cosmo Mod 
  • 1  Cosmo Tank
  • 1 Cosmo Coil C1 1.60 ohms
  • 1 Cosmo Coil C2 0.70 ohm
  • 1 Micro USB Cable
  • 1 Utilisation Notice

Discover the Packaging of the Cosmo Vaptio

Packaging du Kit Cosmo Vaptio

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Parfait pour moi. Facile d'utilisation
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Compacte et fiable, je ne changerai de modèle que s'il disparaît !
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Produit très facile à régler, et très simple et efficace.
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Produit fiable et facile à utiliser.
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Ma e-cigarette depuis des années
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Très bon rapport qualité-prix lo
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