Pico Melo 25 Discovery Pack

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-18 If you do not smoke, do not vape

Use well the EC2 coil for your Melo 4 D25


Range of Use

Advised E Liquid

Type of vape


EC2 0.5 Ω

30 - 100 watts

For an e liquid with a high VG rate (> 50%)

Direct vaping (high vapor production)

High e liquid consumption

EC2 0.3 Ω

30 - 80 watts

For an e liquid with a high VG rate (> 50%)

Direct vaping (high vapor production)

High e liquid consumption

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56,90 €
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The Pico Melo 25 Discovery Pack proposes reputed material for its reliability and quality of vape. This Pack is composed of the Istick Pico 25 and the Melo 4 D25 Clearomiser. The Pico 25 has an output power of 85 Watts and functions with the 18650 battery. Very simple to use, it is also compact and has less clutter. Associated with the Pico 25 Box, is the Melo 4 D25 Clearomiser which is a model of polyvalent vape. Equipped with 2 x EC2 coils it presents the advantage of being entirely compatible with all coils of the Melo Range. The Melo 4 D25 has a very comfortable capacity of 4.5ml. It is equally simple to use and maintain. For the Pico Melo 25 Discovery Pack is complete and delivered with 2 x Samsung INR 25R batteries and MC1 XTar Charger. 

The Pico Melo 25 Discovery Pack is composed of

  • 1 Istick Pico 25 Box made by Eleaf
  • 1 Melo 4 D25 Clearomiser made by Eleaf
  • 2 x 18650 INR 25Rmade by Samsung
  • 1 MC1 Charger made by XTar

Height 123.5 mm
Length 48 mm
Diameter 25 mm
Capacity 4.5 ml
Type of Vape Polyvalente
Battery 1x18650
Power 85 W
Coil EC Eleaf
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Presentation Photo of the Pico Melo 25 Discovery Pack

The Pico Melo 25 Discovery Pack is made by Eleaf which offers you the best. It proposes the Electronic Istick Pico 25 Box which functions with the 18650 battery and offers an output power of 85 Watts. A compact mod with esthetics which marries with perfection of the Melo 4 D25. Very well known amongst vapers, the polyvalent clearomiser has proven efficient. It can hold up to 4.5ml in e liquid, it is practical and can be used quite easily. To finish it is supplied with 2 x Samsung 18650 INR 25R and the MC1 XTar charger. This Pico Melo 25 Discovery Pack associate's simplicity, authenticity and performance. A must. 

 Istick Pico 25 Box

 Istick Pico 25 Box of the Pico Melo 25 Discovery Pack

The Istick Pico 25 Box has a reference in material of the Electronics in a small size. Nomad and performant, it is easy to transport. With a successful, design it offers a comfortable hold in the hand. Functioning with the 18650 battery, the Pico 25 can reach up to 85 Watts if needed. The battery can be replaced quite easily by unscrewing the hatch situated at the top of the box. 

Hatch of the Pico 25 Box

Display and Functions 

Chipset of the Pico 25

The Istick Pico 25 benefit with a small OLED 0.91-inch screen, displaying the essential information's of the mod. Amongst these functions are all the usual modes of the best boxes: VW and Bypass for a vape in Watts or Temperature Control and TCR with coils in Ni200, Titane and SS316. The Istick Pico 25 can be recharged directly using the USB cable with a capacity of 2A charge. 

USB of the Pico 25

Melo 4 D25 Clearomiser 

 Melo 4 D25 Clearomiser of the Pico Melo 25 Discovery Pack

Reputed for its quality of vape and easy utilisation, the Melo 4 D25 is a tank with a large capacity (4.5ml) with an easy filling via the top-cap, clean and rapid. The Melo 4 D25 is an aired Clearomiser with good airflow to obtain alot of vapor. This aeration is adjustable for your convenience. The Melo 4 is delivered with a drip-tip with a large output but a 510 Connection. 

Filling of the Melo 4 D 25

Compatible Coils

Coils of the EC2 of the Melo 4 D25 Clearomiser

The Melo 4 D25 Clearomiser also has new coils. Named EC2 by Eleaf, the coils are the ameliorated version of EC Heads. Associated in Kanthal and Organic Cotton, they offer alot more performance with the rendering of flavours and the production of vapor. 2 x EC2 coils are supplied with the Melo 4 D25. 

  • EC2 0.30 ohm: to be used from 30 and 80 watts
  • EC2 0.50 ohm: to be used from 30 and 100 watts

The Melo 4 D25 is equally compatible with the Clearomiser Coils of the brand Melo and certain Coils from the brand Aspire. You have a choice. 

Changing the Coil of the Melo 4 D25

Features of the Istick Pico 25 and Melo 4 D25 Clearomiser :

Dimensions 70.5 x 48 x 25 mm Weight 96.5 g
Puissance 85W Battery 1 x 18650 (25A of CDM Advised)
Coils in VW/Bypass 0.10 - 3.50 ohms Coils in TC 0.05 - 1.50 ohms
Dimension of the Melo 4 D25 53 x 25 Capacity of the Tank  4,5 ml

The Istick Pico 25 and the Melo 4 D25 are made by Eleaf.

The Istick Pico 25 is delivered:

Contents of the Istick pico 25

  • 1 Istick Pico 25 Box
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Manual

The Melo 4 D25 is delivered with:

Composition of the Melo 4 D25

  • 1 Melo 4 D25
  • 1 EC2 0.30 ohm Coils (pre -installed)
  • 1 EC2 0.50 ohm Coil
  • 1 Set of changeable joints
  • 1 Manual 

Samsung INR 25R 18650 

Batteries of the Pack Melo 4 D25


  • Voltage : 3,7 V
  • Maximum Voltage : 4,2 V
  • Minimum Voltage : 2,5 V
  • Chemical : NMC Li
  • Maximum Discharge Capacity : 35 A in pulse
  • Continued Discharge Capacity: 20 A
  • Flat top
  • Capacity : 2500 mAh
  • Length : 65 mm
  • Diameter : 18 mm
  • Weight : 44 grams

Charger Xtar MC1

 Xtar MC1 Charger of the Pack Melo 4 D25

The Pico Melo 25 Discovery Pack is inclusive of the MC1 charger to propose les difficultie

Practical and light the charger MC1 Xtar can very easily be transported allowing you to recharge your batteries at all times.

The Charger MC1 Xtar proposes 3 intelligent charging steps:

  • TC (Trickle current): Low charge at the beginning. 
  • CC (Constant current) : 500 mA on a constant charge. 
  • CV (Constant voltage) : 4,2 V (<40 mA) final charge.

The charger MC1 Xtar can recharge deeply discharged batteries. The technology PWM (Pulse With Modulation) allows an intense curent charge fixed at 500 mA. 

You can charge one battery at a time.

 The charger Xtar MC1 is compatible with with all types of batteries:  10440 / 14500 / 14650 / 17670 / 18350 / 18500 / 18650 / 18700 / 26650

Technical Features of the XTAR MC1 :

Dimensions 9.2 x 2.2 x 2.5 mm Weight 20.7g
Compatible with Li-on and IMR Batteries Temperature Function 0-40°C
Charge Intensity 500 mAh Intelligent Charge TC / CC / CV

The MC1 Charger is made by Xtar.

Discover the Packaging of the Pico Melo 25

Packaging of the Pico Melo 25


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