iStick LPV Z Nano Kit

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44,90 €
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Here is an electronic cigarette which you will only find at Le Petit Vapoteur. Of a small size for vaping everywhere, a vape orientated towards direct inhaling and finally polyvalent, this kit associates the iStick 65W LPV with the Z Nano 2 clearomiser. 

Of polyvalence but also elegance, the box is a special edition  designed by Le Petit Vapoteur with an output power of 65 watts and a battery of 2600 mAh. All you need which brings autonomy to the Z Nano 2 clearomiser by Geekvape. 

The compact version Zeus by Geekvape allows you to vape up to 3.5ml in e liquid with the bulb reservoir. Practical and easy utilisation, it is included with 2 x B Series coils in 0.20 Ω for a possible vape up to 58 watts and 0.60 Ω up to 25 watts, so you can talk about polyvance. The aeration is versatile of the Z Nano 2 and is at the top of the clearomiser to avoid the leaking of e liquids. 

The iStick 65W LPV is an elegant and light electronic mod/ It offers an output power of 65W and has an adapted autonomy of 2600 mAh for vaping with the A Nano 2. It is particularly simple to use and to please a large number of vapers who start the electronic cigarette. The battery of the box can be recharged with the USB-C connection and cable is included. 

Ideal for vaping all day long, the iStick LPV Z Nano is a practical electronic cigarette with a racy design and an exclusive LPV edition.

The iStick 65W is made by LPV.

The Z Nano 2 Clearomiser is made by Geekvape.

Height 133 mm
Length 35 mm
Width 22 mm
Capacity 3.5 ml
Autonomy 2600 mAh
Type of Vape DL/RDL
Power 65 W
Coil B Series
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Présentation du Kit iStick LPV Z Nano

Light, compact and coloured, here is the iStick LPV Z Nano or vapers of all levels. An exclusive electronic cigarette available at Le Petit Vapoteur, with the iStick 65W box in a LPV edition and the famous Z Nano 2 clearomiser by Geekvape. Of a small size, the box and 2600 mAh will boost the flavours of e liquids with the Z Nano 2 and the B Series coils in 0.20Ω and 0.60 Ω. The iStick 65W LPV Z Nano 2 will make you love a vape in direct inhaling with the possibilities in RDL, semi-direct, with a beautiful metallic screen design and beautiful autonomy. 

The kit is also full of autonomy with a battery of 2600 mAh and rechargeable via USB-C. The Z Nano 2 Clearomiser can hold up to 3.5 ml in e liquid with the bulb reservoir. It proposes an output power of 65 watts, a discreet mode to switch off the screen, rotation of the graphic interface, locking and power etc…

To whom addresses the iStick LPV Z Nano ?

Prise en main Kit iStick LPV Z Nano

Ce kit iStick LPV Z Nano  répondra aux besoins des amateurs de vape DL et semi-DL, c'est-à-dire polyvalente tendance vapeur et saveurs boostées. Le clearomiseur Z Nano 2 a toutes les qualités pour mettre en valeur les e liquides avec une contenance intéressante. La box iStick 65W LPV est simple à utiliser et plaira aux vapoteurs chevronnés comme débutants. Enfin, le kit est aussi une cigarette électronique élégante qui fera de l'œil aux passionnés de vape.

 iStick 65W LPV Box

Edition originale de la Box iStick 65W LPV

This iStick 65W box has been specially made for Le Petit Vapoteur. It is distinguished by its metallic design with geometric patterns and different colours of choice. It conserves the figure which remains a comfortable model with a compact size. The switch for the occasion has the Le Petit Vapoteur engravings.


Autonomie de la Box iStick 65W LPV

Small model but a consistent battery, the ILPV iStick 65W contains a battery of 2600 mAh, a comfortable capacity and efficient recharge with the USB-C connection and cable and possible capacity of 1A. A complete charging cycle, perfectly made box for around 3h 30 minutes of vape.

65 watts

Puissance de la Box iStick 65W LPV

For a majority of atomisers and coils, the LPV iStick 65 box offers a vape in varied watts, from 1 watt to 65 watts, a choice with the 2 setting buttons of the mod. A well known mode which is used by many vapers. The temperature control mode can be used with coils composed in Nickel and a temperature between 100° and 315° C.

Tips and comfort

modes de la Box iStick 65W LPV

The LPV iStick 65W box switches on and off with 3 successive clicks on the start button. By pressing on the 2 setting buttons, the power is blocked and is restrictive to accidental modifications of the power. While the iStick 65W is off you can press on the 2 setting buttons to effectuate a 180° rotation of the screen. For a discreet vape but economy of the battery, there is the Stealth mode that turns off the backlight of the screen, all you need to do is press on the start and the low setting button.

Features of the iStick 65W LPV Box :

Dimensions de la Box iStick 65W LPV

Dimensions 78 x 22 x 34 mm Power 1 - 65 w
 510 Diameter connection 22 mm Autonomy 2600 mAh
Weight 100 g USB Connection USB-C

The iStick 65W LPV Box is made by Eleaf.

The iStick 65W LPV Box is included with:

Contenu de la Box iStick 65W LPV

  • 1 LPV iStick 65W box
  • 1 USB-C cable
  • 1 User notice

Z Nano 2

Design du Clearomiseur Z Nano 2 Geek Vape

We take the same and start again, the Z Nano keeps the global design of its ancestor. The figure of the Nano is thinner and has been worked on for a style more towards Greek Mythology. The logo (Zeus) takes its place one each side of the bell and it has the “Geekvape Z” engravings which can be found on the adjustable airflow ring. As usual with the Z Series, the airflows are situated on the superior part of the clearomiser to avoid leaking of e liquids.

Bubble reservoir

The Z Nano 2 only has “Nano” in its name, you will find a good capacity of 3.5ml with the bubble pyrex. A second straight reservoir is included, of 2ml, which renders the Z Nano thin and compact.

The Z Nano does not have any settings and proposes a filling from the top by unscrewing the top cap with a quarter turn. The superior part is hermetic to avoid any overflow of e liquid. There are 2 openings of a good size which facilitates the filling and leaves a large choice for the bottles used.

Filling of the Z Nano 2 Clearomiser :

Remplissage du Kit Geekvape M100 Geek Vape

  • Unscrew the top-cap
  • Fill the reservoir by the openings on the side (not in centre)
  • Close the top-cap
  • Wait 10 to 15 minutes so the coil is soaked with e liquid before the first utilisation.

 B Series Coil

Résistances du Kit Geekvape M100 Geek Vape

The Z Nano Tank 2 is entirely compatible with the B Series coils by its predecessor. They are constituted in mesh which brings precise and saturated flavours with a dense vapor with all e liquids. There is a new coil with the arrival of the Z Nano 2 and proposes a powerful vape, with 2 possibilities in the packaging:

  • B Series coil 0.2 ohm, to be used from 50 and 58 watts, for a direct power vape.
  • Series coil 0.6 ohm, to be used from 15 and 25 watts, for a soft semi-direct vape.

Changing the coils of the Z Nano 2 Clearomiser :

Changement de résistance du Kit Geekvape M100 Geek Vape

  • Unscrew the base of the clearomiser
  • Remove the coil by hand or with the key included
  • Insert the new coil between the shims (holds) of the reservoir
  • Close the base of the clearomiser

Features of the Z Nano 2 Clearomiser Geek Vape:

Height without drip-tip 43.3 mm Capacity 2 ml / 3.5 ml
Base Diameter 24 mm (22 mm connection) Coils B Series
Material Stainless Steel / Silica Glass Drip-tip 510

The Z Nano 2 Clearomiser is made by Geek Vape.

The Z Nano 2 Clearomiser is included with:

Contenu du Clearomiseur Z Nano 2 Geek Vape

  • 1 Z Nano 2 clearomiser
  • 1 B Series 0.2 Ω coil
  • 1 B Series 0.6 Ω coil
  • 1 2ml pyrex  
  • 1 Changeable pieces kit
  • 1 510 drip tip
  • 1 User notice

Discover the Packaging of the iStick LPV Z Nano Kit

Packaging Kit iStick LPV Z Nano


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Le rendu de vapeur est correct, c’est une vape pour débuter mais plusieurs problème : - l’autonomie n’est clairement pas au rendez vous (attendez vous a la charger 3 fois par jour et plus si vous êtes un bon fumeur) - la position du port de charge sous la vape est extrêmement peu pratique - attendez vous à manger du produit au bout de 2 tafs Bref, je recommande pas ce produit du tout. Dommage, LPV nous a habitué à mieux.
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