Klypse Pod Limited Edition Natural Green by Calm+

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-18 If you do not smoke, do not vape

Use correctly the cartridge of the Klypse Pod

For optimal functioning of the Klypse cartridge, you can use e liquids with a high rate of glycerine, inferior of 50%. If it is the first utilisation, wait at least 10 to 15 minutes after the filling before pressing on the button of the battery so the coil is completed soaked with e liquid.

19,90 €
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Innokin and The Fuu proposes a splendid edition of the Klypse Pod to be used with the Natural Green Calm+. The Klypse Pod is indicated to vape with the Natural Green with flavours of hemp candy. The Natural Green Calm+ has a rate of 0.5% CBD and 5mg/ml in nicotine, Minimal Blendsalts Technology.

The Minimal nicotine salts and CBD e liquids are ideal for smoking cessation without the stress of a “dual-hit” and its high rate of nicotine. The Calm + is complies with the legal requirements on the marketing of CBD e liquids (cannabinoids).

The Klypse Pod offers a vape with a tight pull, a vape in indirect inhaling. No buttons, no settings, the pod, and the automatic pull starts the inhaling, this is perfectly convenient for beginners in vape. An excellent pod, intuitive to begin the electronic cigarette. The pod is also equipped with a magnetic cap which protects the tip while the pod is not being used. The cap can also be automatically placed under the pod during your vape.

It also contains a rechargeable USB-C battery in 700 mAh! The reservoir has an capacity of 0.8 Ω. This coil has the particularity to be made in very fine mesh which optimises the flavours with an output power of 16 watts.

This Klypse Pod Limited Edition is made by Innokin, included with a 10ml bottle e liquid of Natural Green Calm+ is made by The Fuu.

Height 94 mm
Length 29 mm
Width 15.2 mm
Weight 44 g
Autonomy 700 mAh
Type of Vape Indirect Inhaling
Power 16 W
Coil 0.8 Ω


Présentation du Pod Klypse édition limitée Natural Green by Calm

Discover this limited edition of the Klypse Pod with the Natural Green Calm+ e liquid by the Fuu. The Klypse pod and precise indirect inhaling is associated with the Natural Green and hemp flavours. For the occasion, the pod is in a Natural Green, a colour with engravings. The Natural Green is proposed in a 10ml bottle, 0.5% in CBD and 5mg Minimal Blendsalts Technology nicotine salts.

This small Klypse pod is a discreet model. It allows you to vape with a number of e liquids, with a tight pull, close to a classic cigarette, indirect inhaling. Simple to use, it can seduce beginners who wish to discover the electronic cigarette. Hassle free, the Klypse pod offers an automatic pull. The inhaling is produced when you inhale for a pull full of vapor and flavours. The Klypse functions with a 700 mAh battery which has a coil in mesh of 0.8 Ω. All with an output power of 16 watts. The Klypse pod has also thought about the comfort with a cap which protects the reservoir and drip from all intrusions apart from vaping moments. 

To whom addresses the Klypse Pod by Innokin ?

Prise en main Pod Klypse édition limitée Natural Green by Calm

Simple and intuitive, the Klypse pod will seduce smokers who wish to invest in an electronic cigarette. The pod is an excellent first choice which can help you switch between 2 cigarettes. The Klypse pod offers a tight pull which will transcribe the sensation and is adapted to e liquids with nicotine salts and CBD.

Green !

This edition is made for the Natural Green Calm+ and the fine engravings and beautiful green colours. Warning, this is a limited edition ! The Klypse pod has a thin figure for vaping everywhere. It is equipped with a magnetic cap to conserve the clean drip tip. The Klypse is made in aluminium which benefits with the new anodised oxidation process. A finish which is scratch resistant, so it does not weigh the pod down. With a bonus USB-C connection, the Klypse pod is really made for a nomad use.

Ready to vape !

It is simple enough to fill the 2ml reservoir with e liquid (with a preference for e liquids with a high rate of vegetable glycerine, maximum 50%) and the Klypse pod is ready to vape. The pod detects the aspiration and automatically starts the pull. The vape is intuitive and simple, no buttons and no settings.

Klypse cartridge

With the Klypse pod, the cartridge can be replaced once the coil is completely used. The cartridge has a capacity of 2ml with a filling from the side. The coil is integrated is made in mesh and can is made to last. The 0.8 Ω coil guarantees a vape in MTL, indirect inhaling with a power of 16 watts.

Filling of the Klypse Pod Innokin :

Remplissage Pod Klypse Innokin

  • Remove the cap from the Klypse Pod
  • Remove the cartridge from the pod
  • Delicately remove the silicone cap on the side of the cartridge
  • Fill the reservoir
  • Close the reservoir
  • Install the cartridge to the Klypse Pod

Magnetic cap

To protect the Klypse pod from any foreign bodies, Innokin proposes a removeable and magnetic cap. While you are vaping the cap can be placed under the pod, so it does not get misplaced.

700 mAh

With an economic coil and battery of 700 mAh, the Klypse pod offers good autonomy for a whole day of vape. The pod has a USB-C connection for a rapid recharge and capacity of 1A.

Features of the Klypse Pod Innokin :

Dimensions Pod Klypse édition limitée Natural Green by Calm

Dimensions 94 x 15.2 x 29 mm Power 16 W
Weight 44 g Battery 700 mAh
Capacity 2 ml Range of Coils 0.8 Ω et plus

The Klypse Pod is made by Innokin.

The Klypse Pod is included with:

Contenu Pod Klypse Innokin

  • 1 Klypse Pod
  • 1 Magnetic cap
  • 1 USB-C cable
  • 1 Starting guide

E liquid Natural Green Calm+ by Minimal


A head-to-head between natural hemp, beautiful, fleshy, and slightly sweet strawberries for a surprising result.

E liquid Minimal with nicotine salts and CBD is ideal for smoking cessation without any stress with the “dual hit” and the high rate of nicotine salts. The Calm + is complies with the legal requirements on the marketing of CBD e liquids (cannabinoids).

E liquid Minimal is conditioned in a 10ml bottle and 50/50 PG/VG. Available in a CBD dosage of 0.5% (50mg) and 5mg/ml in nicotine salts.

With this Calm + range, Minimal wishes to answer to the needs of everyone with different flavours. You will find classic, fruity, menthol and light in hemp e liquids for certain who do not wish to lose the odour and taste of the plant. The Calm+ by Minimal e liquids are available in a 10ml bottle with a light dose of CBD in 0.5% (or 50mg) as well as three rates of nicotine of choice (5, 10 and 20 mg/ml).

Features of the Calm+ by Minimal :

Propylene Glycol 50 % Vegetable Glycerine 50 %
Composition Aromas / Nicotine salts / CBD Capacity 10 ml
Type of Bottle PET with secure cap and pourer Origin France

The e liquids from the range Calm+ by Minimal are prepared and conditioned in France by The Fuu.

To whom addresses the nicotine salts and CBD e liquid ?

  • For « stressed » vapers who need vape without stress for efficient smoking cessation.
  • First time vapers, "smoker-vapers" who have difficulty finding the rate of nicotine adapted to their needs.
  • For "large" vapers tired of being hooked on their e-cigs. With nicotine salt e liquids they will reduce vaping. 
  • Vapers in search of efficiency with reduced equipment. The e liquids with nicotine salts can be vaped with a small e cigarette. 
  • For vapers who feel discomfort with e liquids which have a strong rate of nicotine. 
  • For vapers who have "given into temptation" on nights out or festive periods for a cigarette. You can find an easy alternative during the moments, or when not smoking is the most difficult. 

Which rate of nicotine to choose for your Nicotine Salt e liquids?

If you are a smoker :

  • 5mg/ml: for those who smoke more than 5 cigarettes per day.
  • 10 mg/ml : for those who smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day.
  • 20 mg/ml : for those who smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day. 

If you are a vaper :

  • 5mg/ml for those who normally vape with an inferior or equal rate of 3mg/ml.
  • 10 mg/ml : for those who normally vape with an inferior or equal rate of 6 mg/ml.
  • 20 mg/ml : for those who normally vape with a superior rate of 6 mg/ml.

Which material to use with CBD and Nicotine Salts  ?

We recommend you use low powered Electronic Cigarettes with the CBD E Liquids. A coil which has a value of 1.0 ohm, or more is also recommended. On the other hand, the flavours of your CBD E Liquid has the risk of being less present and the irritation caused by very strong CBD to be bearable. 

Recommended use of the CBD E Liquid

Shake well your CBD E liquid before use. Conserve the bottle at room temperature, in a dry place and away from light. Clean and dry you Clearomiser before using the product. Close tightly the bottle after use. 

The CBD E Liquid may provoke a drowsy feeling. Do not consume this product before a business trip or driving a motorized vehicle.

Respect the precautions of use:

  • Keep the e liquid out of reach from children.
  • Keep locked.
  • Do not eat, drink of smoke by manipulating this product.
  • IF SWALLOWED: rinse the mouth and call the ANTI POISON CENTER or your local GP (if possible, keep the product label.

Warnings and Contradictions:

Products restricted to minors under 18 years old.

Do not consume e liquids if you have heart conditions, heart problems, vascular disease, cancer, or lung disease.

In the absence of data on harmlessness for the foetus, active or passive vaping of an e liquid is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, especially if it contains nicotine.

E liquids should not be consumed by a non-smoker, with whom they can be addictive.


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tres contente
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Simple d'utilisation parfait
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Très facile à remplir et très bonne qualité.
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Innokin parfait com d'ab, c'est ma cigarette préféré ; le goût fraise est juste un peu trop présent pour moi.
  • J. Aurélie
  • publié le 22/11/2022
  • suite à une commande du 14/11/2022
  • 5/5
Produit parfait pour vapoter le liquide Calm ou du CBD. Super rapport qualité prix.
  • W. Arnaud
  • publié le 06/11/2022
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