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-18 If you do not smoke, do not vape

Use correctly the coils of the Gozee Innokin


Range of Utilisation

Advised E Liquid

Type of Vape


Z Coil 0.3 Ω

30 - 40 watts

For an e liquid with a high rate of VG (≥ 50%)

Polyvalent vape (production of medium vapor)

Consumption of high e liquid

Z Coil 0.8 Ω

15 - 18 watts

For an e liquid with a medium rate of VG (≈ 50%)

Polyvalent vape (production of medium vapor)

Consumption of mediulm e liquid

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42,90 €
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For easy vaping, to taste a liquids with unctuous vapor, the Gozee Kit is imposing as a very good choice. The Gozee Kit is an efficient as well as coloured electronic cigarette, for a vape with a tight pull like a classic cigarette or aired to have more vapor. The Gozee Kit is polyvalent and compatible with several Z Coils by Innokin.

The Gozee Kit is an electronic cigarette with an innovative conception: a mixture of PC and ABS, both robust and light. The Gozee Kit only ways 104g and the IML base printings offers different colours and a crystalized render with beauty.

The Gozee Kit functions and offers excellent autonomy with a battery of 2100 mAh. The power can reach up to 60 watts. Only one vaping mode, in watts. The Gozee likes simplicity.

To accompany the Gozee Box, the GO Z + clearomiser assures the flavours and vapor. A good choice of aeration and pulls, simple and rapid filling. A good capacity of 3.5 ml and total compatibility with the Z Coils. The GO Z+ clearomiser is made in PCTG and assorted to the colour of the Gozee box.

With the Gozee Kit you will discover the Z Coil 0.8 Ω for a vape in indirect inhaling (MTL)  and the Z Coil 0.3 Ω which offers a strong vape full of vapor for a semi-direct inhaling.

The Gozee Kit is an electronic cigarette which is efficient as well as original and is adapted for beginners in vape.

The Gozee Kit is made by Innokin.

Height 119.45 mm
Length 35.73 mm
Width 27.2 mm
Capacity 3.5 ml
Autonomy 2100 mAh
Material PC/ABS/PCTG
Power 60 W
Coil Z Coils
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Présentation du Kit Gozee Innokin

The Gozee Kit by Innokin offers a versatile vape with an out of the norm design. With a mixture of simple utilisation and rapidity, the Gozee kit proposes a vape in direct inhaling or even semi-direct to very aired. The Gozee Kit will surprise you with the precision of the GO Z + and the Z coils.

The Gozee Box is propelled by a 2100 mAh battery and can be recharged with the USB-C connection and cable. Simple to use and ideal for beginners in vape, the Gozee offers a unique mode in varied watts from 6 to 60 watts. With the kit, GO Z+ coloured and assorted with the box has a PCTG reservoir with a capacity of 3.5ml. The GO Z+ can be rapidly filled with the sliding top-cap. There are 2 Z-coils included which allows you to discover a vape in low power and tight pull, or even an energetic vape with aired pulls. The Z Coils 0.8 Ω and 0.3 Ω are included with the Gozee Kit.

Made with modern materials, the Gozee Kit is a light and solid electronic cigarette which can be used at any moment.

To whom addresses the Gozee Innokin ?

Prise en main Kit Gozee Innokin

The Gozee Kit by Innokin stands out from other electronic cigarettes with a unique design, out of the ordinary. We nearly forget that the Gozee Kit also  benefits with the essential assets for it to become an electronic cigarette for beginners, as is of course very easy to use. This small box has very little settings and proposes only mode of vape in watts. The GO Z+ clearomiser also has the essential filling from the top and a choice of pulls which will please new lovers of flavours and vapor.

A touch of colour!

Couleurs Kit Gozee Innokin

The Gozee Kit dares with colour! Made with solid materials, PC, ABS but also PCTG for the GO Z+ clearomiser, the Gozee Kit allows you to choose amongst the joyful colours. Clearomiser and box are assorted and in bonus the materials are very light. The Gozee Kit only weighs 104g in a compact volume and beautiful crystal finishes of a beautiful effect.

All day battery

Charge Kit Gozee Innokin

With a battery of 2100 mAh, you will dispose of good autonomy for a vape un MTL, indirect inhaling and economic. Also in RDL, semi-indirect inhaling is a touch more gourmet in energy. If needed, the connection and USB-C cable can rapidly recharge the batteries with a capacity of 2A, and as always a perfect recharge to preserve the longevity of the battery.

Vaping modes

Chipset Kit Gozee Innokin

To satisfy a large number of vapers including beginners, the small Gozee box functions with unique vaping modes. You can vape between 6 to 60 watts. The box is accessible, three successive clicks on the principal button starts the electronic cigarette. To change the power a long press on the buttons is necessary. This avoids you to involuntarily modify the power and damage the coil.


Clearomiseur Kit Gozee Innokin

The robust clearomiser in PCTG offers a versatile vape, tight or open pull. This will please lovers in MTL and indirect inhaling for those who appreciate open pulls and the production of vapor which goes with it! You will also observe on the base of the reservoir a transparent ring where there are 2 types of airflows which appear. From 100% MTL to ample production of vapor.

Top filling

The filling of the 3.5ml reservoir is effectuated from the top but is also extremely practical. There is no need to disassemble the clearomiser so there is no risk of losing any pieces. Push the top cap towards the back and its done. The top cap is equipped with a small drip tip, standard 510 ideal for your preferred e liquids.

Filling of the GO Z+ Clearomiser:

Remplissage Kit Gozee Innokin

  • Slide the top-cap of the clearomiser towards the back
  • Fill the 3.5ml reservoir with e liquid
  • Replace the top-cap back to its initial position

100 % compatible

Résistances Kit Gozee Innokin

The Gozee box recognises the coils between 0.2 Ω and 3.5 Ω. They are compatible with all the Z Coils by Innokin. With the Gozee Kit it is possible to vape in indirect inhaling with the 0.8 Ω coils and in semi-direct (RDL) with the 0.3Ω coil available with the Gozee Kit.

  • Z-Coil 0.8 Ω, to be used between 14 and 17 watts, in indirect inhaling with nicotine salts and CBD e liquids
  • Z-Coil 0.3 Ω, to be used between 30 and 40 watts, for a vape in semi-direct inhaling, ideal for e liquids with a high rate of VG (≥ 50%).

Changing the coils of the GoZ + :

Changement de résistance Kit Gozee Innokin

  • To replace the coil of the clearomiser the reservoir must be empty
  • Unscrew the inferior base of the GoZ + clearomiser
  • Remove the used coil
  • Insert the new coil into the centre of the empty reservoir
  • Screw back on the inferior base to the reservoir
  • Fill the reservoir with e liquid and wait around 5 minutes so the coil is completely soaked with e liquid


Features of the Gozee Innokin:

Dimensions Kit Gozee Innokin

Dimensions of the Kit 119.45 x 27.02 x 35.73 mm Power 6 w - 60 w
Dimensions of the Box 75.15 x 27.02 x 35.73 mm Battery 2100 mAh
Dimensions of the Clearomiser 48 x 24 mm Range of Coils 0.2 Ω - 3.5 Ω
Capacity 3.5 ml Coils Z-Coils Innokin
Material ABS/PC/PCTG Connection USB-C

The Gozee is made by Innokin.

The Gozee Kit is included with:

Contenu Kit Gozee Innokin

  • 1 Gozee Box
  • 1 GO Z+ Tank
  • 1 Z-Coil 0.8 Ω
  • 1 Z-Coil 0.3 Ω
  • 1 Changeable drip tip
  • 1 USB-C cable
  • 1 Starter guide

Discover the Packaging of the Gozee Kit Innokin

Packaging Kit Gozee Innokin

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  • A. Cloé
  • publié le 21/04/2023
  • suite à une commande du 09/04/2023
  • 5/5
Idem que pour vos e liquides, je viens de commencer cette ce est top (et trop belle ! )
  • B. Michelle
  • publié le 25/03/2023
  • suite à une commande du 16/03/2023
  • 4/5
Correspond à mes attentes!!!!
  • C. Guillaume
  • publié le 09/03/2023
  • suite à une commande du 25/02/2023
  • 5/5
Très satisfait Léger pratique efficace
  • G. Valérie
  • publié le 23/02/2023
  • suite à une commande du 14/02/2023
  • 5/5
  • O. Stephanie
  • publié le 03/02/2023
  • suite à une commande du 23/01/2023
  • 5/5
Super rien à dire
  • O. Stephanie
  • publié le 28/01/2023
  • suite à une commande du 17/01/2023
  • 5/5
Parfait.j ai eut un souci avec ma commande le service client est super réactivité.bravo
  • L. Céline
  • publié le 11/01/2023
  • suite à une commande du 03/01/2023
  • 5/5
Légère pratique pour une femme
  • M. Virginie
  • publié le 13/12/2022
  • suite à une commande du 05/12/2022
  • 5/5
Très légère, facile d'utilisation. Système de remplissage par la trappe au dessus au top
  • L. Frédérique
  • publié le 13/12/2022
  • suite à une commande du 03/12/2022
  • 5/5
Une bonne surprise pour un prix très intéressant. Pratique, avec une bonne autonomie et un réservoir généreux. Petit bémol : la notice d'utilisation très réduite, je suis allée chercher un tuto sur internet :)
  • D. David
  • publié le 07/12/2022
  • suite à une commande du 26/11/2022
  • 5/5
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