Flexus Stik Kit Aspire

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Use correctly the coils of the Flexus Stik Kit


Range of Utilisation

Advised E Liquid

Type of Vape


 AF 1.0 Ω

12 - 15 watts

For an e liquid with a low rate of VG (< 50%)

Indirect vape (production of low vapor)

Consumption of moderate e liquid

AF 0.6 Ω

15 - 18 watts

For an e liquid with a medium rate of VG (≈ 50%)

Polyvalent vape (production of medium vapor)

Consumption of medium e liquid

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24,90 €
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The Flexus Stik Kit is a small electronic cigarette, very elegant with several finishes and colours. It allows you to vape with an automatic pull or with the contact button, of choice. The Flexus Stik has a tubular format, so it remains compact and be vaped everywhere. On the inside there is a 1200 mAh battery which offers a vape full of autonomy. A vape in indirect inhaling (MTL) but also has the possibilities for a vape more aired (RDL) and for the production of abundant vapor. The Flexus Kit has an aeration which can be regulated depending on your preference.

In any case, the flavours are present with the AF Mesh Coils. The Flexus Stik kit is included with the 0AF 1.0 Ω for the use between 12 to 15 watts, and the AF 0.6 Ω, for a vape between 15 to 18 watts. The Flexus Stik also allows you to choose 3 different powers: Low, Medium, or High.

With the elegant Flexus Stik kit you can change the coil once it has been completely used and the filling of the 3ml tank with an e liquid of your choice. The battery can be recharged via the USB-C connection and USB-C cable included. The AF 0.6 Ω offers you to vape with a large choice of e liquids and the AF 1.0 Ω coil is efficient with nicotine salts or CBD e liquids.

The Flexus Stik Kit winks at meca mods. The Flexus Stik can be used with the contact button which is situated under the bottom of the electronic cigarette. Just like a tubular meca mod.

The Flexus Stik Kit is made by Aspire.

Height 120 mm
Diameter 22 mm
Weight 56 g
Capacity 3 ml
Autonomy 1200 mAh
Material Aluminum
Type of Vape Polyvalent
Coil AF Mesh Coil


Présentation du Kit Flexus Stik Aspire

For a simple, intuitive, and elegant vape, Aspire proposes you the Flexus Stik kit. The Flexus Stik kit can be vaped automatically (aspiration) or by clicking on the button. A switch which is situated under the Flexus Stik like a meca mod. This button allows you to modify the power with three possible choices depending on the type of coil.

The Flexus Stick kit offers a panel of interesting pulls, tight, in MTL and indirect inhaling to open for a vape in semi-direct (RDL) and more vapor. The Flexus Stik is integrated with rechargeable battery, USB-C, with a capacity of 1200 mAh. The removeable reservoir can hold up to 3ml in e liquid and is integrated with the AF Mesh coil. Two coils, 0.6 Ω and 1.2 Ω are included and allows you to vape with a large choice of e liquids including those with nicotine salts and CBD. 

To whom addresses the Flexus Stik ?

Prise en main du Kit Flexus Stik Aspire

With an automatic pull, the choice of tight pulls close enough to a classic cigarette, the Flexus Stick is an electronic cigarette which is accessible for beginners. The polyvalence and choice of coil can appeal to initiated public or lovers of vapor, or even with e liquids with a high rate of nicotine, nicotine salts or even CBD. The tube format is always pleasing as it is elegant, easy to store and maintain. The Flexus Stik is convenient for vapers who are in search of an electronic cigarette of a small size and even more elegant.

Diamond or sandblasted ?

Design du Kit Flexus Stik Aspire

With anodised aluminium, the Flexus Stik proposes several colours and strong elegant finishes. All you need for style! A diamond or polished and sandblasted finish, the kit will remind you of certain meca mods in a tube format. The Flexus Stik is of a small size (120 mm) and is 22 mm in diameter. This aluminium allows you to obtain a light weight electronic cigarette: only 56g.

A do-it-all tube

In effect this battery allows you to air the Flexus cartridge but to also modify the power with the button. A button which can be used as an interrupter. A small LED is displayed near the charging level of the battery as well as the power volume. Three successive clicks modifies the power :

  • Green = High Power
  • Blue = Medium Power
  • Red= Low Power

Of air !

Airflow du Kit Flexus Stik Aspire

It is by turning the Flexus cartridge you can adjust the aeration. There are 5 holes in different sizes offering an interesting choice of pulls for lovers of MTL and tight pulls, close enough to a classic cigarette. Even more to produce more vapor, close enough to a vape in RDL with a coil base such as the AF Mesh Coil coil in 0.6 Ω, included.

Flexus cartridge

Cartouche du Kit Flexus Stik Aspire

This cartridge can hold up to 3 ml in e liquid and can be filled from below. This cartridge is equipped with a drip tip, 510 standard, it is also possible to install your own 510 standard coil of your choice. The cartridge is made in robust PCTG which does not worry about falls. No broken glass here !

Filling of the Flexus Stik cartridge:

Remplissage du Kit Flexus Stik Aspire

  • Remove the Flexus Stik from the battery
  • Delicately remove the silicone cap
  • Fill the reservoir with 3ml in e liquid
  • Close the cap and install the magnetic cartridge

AF Mesh Coil

Résistances du Kit Flexus Stik Aspire

The Flexus Stik is compatible with the AF coils by Aspire, from 0.3Ω. The coils are composed in Mesh in Kanthal. There are 2 coils included with the Flexus Stik :

  • AF Mesh Coil 1.0 Ω, for a power between 12 to 15 watts, to be used for a vape in indirect inhaling, with e liquids which have a high rate in nicotine, nicotine salts and CBD
  • AF Mesh Coil 0.6 Ω, for a power between 15 to 18 watts, to be used for the production of dense vapor and open pulls

Installing the coil in the Flexus Stik Kit :

Changement de résistances du Kit Flexus Stik Aspire

  • Remove the cartridge
  • Insert the new coil into the center of the reservoir
  • Fill the reservoir
  • Replace the cartridge
  • Wait 5 minutes before vaping so the coil is completely soaked with e liquid

Features of the Flexus Stik Kit :

Dimensions du Kit Flexus Stik Aspire

Dimensions 120 x 22 mm Battery 1200 mAh
Material Anodised Aluminium/PCTG Range of Coils 0.3 Ω - 2.6 Ω
Capacity 3 ml Connection USB-C, 1A
Weight 56 g Coils AF Mesh Coil

The Flexus Stik Kit is made by Aspire.

The Flexus Stik Kit is included with:

Contenu du Kit Flexus Stik Aspire

  • 1 Flexus Stik
  • 1 Flexus Stik Cartridge
  • 1 AF Mesh Coil 1.0 Ω coil
  • 1 AF Mesh Coil 0.6 Ω coil
  • 1 USB-C cable
  • 1 User notice

Discover the Packaging of the Flexus Stik Kit

 Packaging du Kit Flexus Stik Aspire

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Un très bon pod. J'en ai 2 pour alterner
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Super léger et compacte avec une batterie qui tiens assez bien, l'idéal est dans avoir 2 pour être tranquille.
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Vraiment top ce pod. J'ai essayé que la rez en 0.6 et pour le RDL c'est parfait.
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Belle légére j'adore
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  • publié le 16/10/2022
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Ne coule pas (à voir dans la durée); j'aime beaucoup la rondeur et douceur du drip tip.
  • G. Didier
  • publié le 14/10/2022
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