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-18 If you do not smoke, do not vape

Use correctly the coils of the Drag X Pro Voopoo


Range of Utilisation

Advised E Liquid

Type of Vape


TPP-DM2 0.2 Ω

40 - 60 watts

For an e liquid with a high rate of VG (> 60%)

Direct vape (production of high vapor)

Consumption of high e liquid

TPP-DM3 0.15 Ω

80 - 100 watts

For an e liquid witha high rate of VG (≥ 70%)

Direct vape (production of high vapor

Conumption of high e liquid

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45,30 €
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With the Discovery Pack, Le Petit Vapoteur proposes you to discover the Drag X Pro pod by Voopoo with the help of the 18650 2500 Vape Power battery included.

The Drag X Pro is a powerful and performant electronic cigarette. The Drag X Pro, all in alloys, leather and PCTG offers a vape full of flavours and vapor for amateurs of direct inhaling. It delivers an output power of 100 watts and conserves good autonomy, this pod functions with the 18650 (as well as the 21700 battery). Voopoo is innovative with the Drag X Pro pod, there is a switch that turns off and secures the pod during transport or in the pocket. Good additional security.

The Drag X Pro is a modern and smart electronic cigarette with the 2 functions: RBA and Smart which detects the value of the coil to propose the adapted power.

For the e liquid and the coil, the Drag X Pro Pod is delivered with the TPP X Pod. The pod has an innovative filling which facilitates the 5.5ml filling of e liquid. The pod is removeable and magnetic. It can be removed, uniquely for changing the coil.

The pod is removeable and magnetic. It can be removed to change the coil. With the Drag X Pro, there are 2 TPP coils included, made in mesh, there performances shows the capacity of the pod with a powerful vape and direct inhaling.

The Drag X Pro is compatible with the PnP pod cartridges to be used with the PnP by Voopoo.

The Drag X Pro Discovery Pack is delivered with:

  • 1 Drag X Pro Pod made by Voopoo
  • 1 18650 2500 mAh battery Vape Power

The utilisation of e liquid with a low rate of vegetable glycerine (less than 70% in VG) can avoid leaking of e liquids with this type of material.

Height 135.5 mm
Length 34.5 mm
Width 28.8 mm
Tank 5.5 ml
Material Steel / Leather / PCTG
Type of Vape Direct Inahling
Battery 1 x 18650
Power 100 W
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    The Discovery Pack offers a complete equipment which allows you to start vaping straight away. The Drag X pro is an electronic cigarette made for direct vaping with an output power of 100 watts and the TPP coils equipped in mesh.

    The Drag X Pro Pod is comfortable, with agreeable ergonomics, a solid base of alloys and leather. Another comfort which it brings is more security : the presence of a physical interrupter which stops the pod when it is not being used. You will also discover the new secured filling system on the TPP X Pod, practical and rapid. The pod has a capacity of 5.5ml.

    The Drag X Pro Pod secures the coil with the Smart mode which detects the value of the coil, and automatically selects the adapted power. You can also use the RBA mode, choose the power from 5 to 100 watts.

    The Drag X Pro is delivered with 2 x TPP coils, ! TPP-DM2, 0.20 Ω for a maximum power of 60 watts. And the TPP-DM3 in 0.15 Ω for a maximum output power of 100 watts.

    Note: the Drag X Pro is compatible with the PnP Pod cartridges and can be used with coils from the PnP range by Voopoo.

    To whom addresses the Drag X Pro ?

    Prise ennn main du Pod Drag X Pro Voopoo

    The Drag X Pro will render service to vapers which are in search of an electronic cigarette that provides autonomy, for a vape in direct inhaling, full of vapor and flavours before all. The possibility of a 21700 battery (or 18650) can be associated with the 5.5ml reservoir which has autonomy.

    Drag X Pro

    Design du Pod Drag X Pro Voopoo

    The Drag X Pro has an elegant mixture of zinc alloys and leather. The TPP X Pod itself is made in steel, robust PCTG for the reservoir. With the pod you will find a ring of a large size to regulate the aeration. Easy to use, this ring rotates 360° of a generous size allows you to access the openings for a tight vape, close to indirect inhaling. You can pass from direct inhaling to indirect inhaling to test other sensations.

    ON / OFF

    For the first time, Voopoo has installed an interrupter on the Drag X Pro for it to be physically turned off when on the move or if it is not being used. The pod can also be turned off in the classic manner, 5 successive clicks on the activation switch.

    GENE.FAN 3.0

    Chipset du Pod Drag X Pro Voopoo

    The new GENE.FAN 3.0 chipset  which equips the Drag X Pro function with 2 modes of choice, press simultaneously on the + or – buttons.

    • Smart mode : automatically chooses the ideal power for the coil installed. The coil is protected against high power.
    • RBA mode which allows you to use the pod with a power of your choice, between 5 and 100 watts.

    TPP X Pod

    pod du Pod Drag X Pro Voopoo

    The new TPP X pod is removeable and secures magnetically on the Drag X Pro. The pod can be removed to install the coils. In effect the filling is done by pressing on the button on the top of the reservoir. The rotating filling system allows you to fill the reservoir up to 5.5ml in e liquid.

    Filling of the TPP X Pod :

    Remplissage du Pod Drag X Pro Voopoo

    • Press on the button at the top of the pod
    • Hold the reservoir in one hand and turn the top of the pod towards the left
    • Remove the silicone cap
    • Fill the reservoir
    • Place the cap back on and turn towards the right

    TPP-DM Coils

    Résistances du Pod Drag X Pro Voopoo

    With the Drag X Pro, there are 2 x TPP coils included, therefore the new TPP DM3 in 0.15 Ω which can be used up to 100 watts. The coils are equipped in mesh which boosts flavours and produces consistent vapor depending on the aeration opening and chosen power.

    • TPP-DM2 0.20 Ω, to be used from 40 to 60 watts
    • TPP-DM3 0.15 Ω, to be used from 80 to 100 watts

    Note : the Drag X Pro is also compatible with the PnP Pod cartridges so you can test the Drag X Pro with the all the PnP coils by Voopoo.

    Replacing the coils of the Drag X Pro Pod :

    Changement de résistance du Pod Drag X Pro Voopoo

    • Remove the cartridge of the Drag X Pro Pod.
    • Remove the coil from the cartridge.
    • Insert the new coil into the reservoir.

    Features of the Drag X Pro Pod :

    Dimensions du Pod Drag X Pro Voopoo

    Dimensions 135.5 x 28.8 x 34.5 mm Power 5 watts -100 watts
    Material Alloys / Steel / Leather /PCTG Battery 1 x 21700/18650
    Capacity 5.5 ml Connection USB-C
    Drip Tip 810 Coils TPP

    The Drag X Pro Pod is made by Voopoo.


    The 18650 2500 mAh Vape Power has balanced features in terms of autonomy and discharge capacity.

    It has a stable chemical type of INR-Li-ion (Lithium-ion), a voltage of 3.7 V. The 18650 Vape Power responds to the needs of current materials in vape: mods, electronic boxes, but also mechanics.

    Features of the18650 2500 mAh Vape Power :

    Dimensions 65 x 18 mm Capacity 2500 mAh
    Chemical INR - Lithium-ion Announced CDM  25A
    Voltage Max/Min 4.2 V / 3 V Announced CDC  20A
    Weight 46.5 g Type of Positive Pole Plat (flat top) 

    Safety Rules:

    Please follow these few indispensable rules, not only for your safety, but also to ensure a long life-span for your batteries:

        • Never transport your batts with other metallic objects or electrical conductors in your pockets or a bag, without protection: the simultaneous contact of the positive and negative posts of your batts with a metallic object may provoke an uncontrolled discharge and short circuiting, leading to the emission of toxic gases, or quite simply an explosion... Best to choose a suitable travel case.
        • Try to spot any malfunctioning of accessories connected to your batteries as soon as possible. In particular, the coil that equips your rebuildable atomiser or clearomiser should be checked regularly: a coil that has lost all resistive capacity must not be used with your batts. 

    The Drag X Pro Discovery Pack is delivered with:

    • 1 Drag X Pro Pod
    • 1 TPP X Pod
    • 1 TPP-DM3 0.15 Ω
    • 1 TPP-DM2 0.20 Ω
    • 1 USB-C cable
    • 1 User notice
    • 1 18650 Vape power 2500 mAh 

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    • D. François
    • publié le 04/05/2023
    • suite à une commande du 24/04/2023
    • 4/5
    Bon rapport prix prestation
    • B. Sabrina
    • publié le 21/04/2023
    • suite à une commande du 11/04/2023
    • 5/5
    C'est un excellent produit!
    • C. Nathalie
    • publié le 04/03/2023
    • suite à une commande du 24/02/2023
    • 5/5
    Bon produit mais l embout est un peu trop gros pour moi
    • R. Véronique
    • publié le 02/03/2023
    • suite à une commande du 22/02/2023
    • 5/5
    J'avais la drag mais elle commençait à fatiguer alors j'ai acheté celle-ci car je savais que c'était une valeur sûre. La drag x pro a des atouts en plus, le bouton on/off notamment ainsi que l'ouverture de la trappe pour l'accu qui me semble moins fragile. Je suis très satisfaite de cet achat qui était en promotion de surcroît !
    • D. Marvin
    • publié le 28/02/2023
    • suite à une commande du 16/02/2023
    • 4/5
    Super et belle esthétiquement par contre ne pas utiliser avec du liquide 50/50 risque de fuites
    • K. Saro
    • publié le 28/02/2023
    • suite à une commande du 15/02/2023
    • 5/5
    Excellent produit
    • R. Marius
    • publié le 18/01/2023
    • suite à une commande du 09/01/2023
    • 5/5
    • E. Alice
    • publié le 17/01/2023
    • suite à une commande du 06/01/2023
    • 1/5
    Pod qui fuit et qui brûle les lèvres. Je ne recommande pas!
    • C. Mickaël
    • publié le 14/01/2023
    • suite à une commande du 05/01/2023
    • 5/5
    Modèle très agréable à utiliser au quotidien,
    • B. Yannick
    • publié le 11/01/2023
    • suite à une commande du 03/01/2023
    • 5/5
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