Aroma Brand Marina Vape

With time and numerous ranges of e liquids, Marina Vape has become a pillar of e liquids to vape. The American brand proposes a heterogeneous range always with the "know-how to". The Marina Vape Concentrates prepares e liquids which are available with the range  Crème de la Crème and the great Classic gourmet Boyds Bounty. The range Crème de la Crème has become a reference in gourmet juice and eclectic delicious chips such as the Le Classis Crème de Leche or the Le El Presidente. The Marina Vape Concentrates are available in a 30 ml bottle to be mixed in a PG/VG base of your choice. The advised dosage in a 50/50 PG/VG is 20%/ Enjoy!

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