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With the Maharlika, Fuu presents their new collection partnered with the Philippines of Pure Diamond Distribution. The Maharlika E Liquid proposes rich gourmet flavours which you will quickly become addicted to. Appreciate the unique and complew recipes such as the Avocado-Caramel or Mango Whipped Cream. There is a Maharlika E Liquid for everyone.

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Created by the Philippine Brand Pure Diamond Distribution, the Maharlika E Liquid is made in France by Fuu in a 30ml bottle. With the Maharlika E Liquid, discover the rich and gourmet flavours. You can for example try the Maharlika Creamy Avocado with its original recipe of Avocado and Caramel with Concentrated sweet Milk. Let yourself be tempted for the Mango Graham with its Mango Taste, Whipped Cream and Speculoos. You will never be bored with the Maharlika E Liquids