Coming straight from the United States, the Loaded Concentrate offers a collection of rich diverse gourmet and fruity perfumes. With this concentrate, Loaded offers a vape full of emotion by playing on the nostaligia of your childhood snacks.  This great originality offers a recipe of your Loaded Concentrate which will seduce you to create surprising DIY E Liquids. You should mix your Loaded Concentrate in a PG/VG base of your choice, and nicotine boosters depending on your preference. Welcome to the universe of Loaded.

With the Loaded Concentrate, have made a choice with gourmandise and fruity e liquids for your DIY. In effect, you will have the chance to find excellent aromas such as Raspberrry Eclair with Raspberry and pastry flavours, the Lemon Bar and its Lemon Tart and even Cookie Butter, for the gourmets. The Loaded Concentrate should be associated with a PG/VG bas with nicotine boosters depending on your preference.