Mac Diyer

Made in France and exclusively distributed by Le Petit Vapoteur each Mac Diyer Concentrate reserves a diverse range of flavours, fruity, classic and gourmet to be mixed in you DIY preparations. The Mac Diyer procures new tastes to be discovered without delay. lCurious vapers and DIY enthusiasts will find real flavours which will project you instantly towards what we call pleasure.

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 Mac Diyer Concentrate

With your Mac Diyer Concentrate, pleasure passes to action, and your tastebuds will be experience an explosion of fruity flavours, of classic or gourmet e liquids. Let yourself be carried away with the surprising sensations of your Mac Diyer Concentrate. In this 10ml or 30ml bottle, your Mac Diyer Concentrate will bring a touch of gluttony to be discovered. Mac Diyer always has ideas to propose new tastes which will make your vape successful. Closing the universe of 80's, your Mac Diyer Concentrate will procure a vape of delicious flavours.