E-liquids  Resurrection Vaping

Made in the United Kingdom by Superlabs, each Resurrection E Liquid, contains at the heart of the 50ml bottle orignal and fruity flavours. Taste, for example, the Solar Erruption E Liquid, a mixture of sweet Melon and Watermelon enhanced with a hint of Strawberries, more acidic. As a whole it is embellished with fresh Green Mint. Composed in 50/50 or 40/60 PG/VG, the Resurrection procures sensations not be missed.

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 Resurrection Vaping E liquid

If you like originality, you will adore the Resurrection Vaping E Liquids. 

The Resurrection Vaping E Liquids are composed in 50/50 or 40/60 PG/VG and contain fruity and original flavours inside the 50ml bottle. For example, the Solar Erruption promises a sweet mixture of Melon and Watermelon, enhanced with a touch of Strawberries. Made in the United Kingdom by Superlabs, the Resurrection Vaping E Liquids incarnate a real moment of pleasure. Do not wait to vape the Resurrection Vaping E Liquids. 

Note: if the Resurrection Vaping 50ml E Liquids, according to law in force, are sold without Nicotine. You can add Boosters to obtain the desired mixture to benefit the Resurrection Vaping E Liquids.