E-Cigarettes  Ijust ECM

The iJust ECM is the new Electronic Cigarette by Eleaf in a tubular form. With a very original design, the iJust ECM is simple. One single button to pilot the Electronic Cigarette. Composed of a 3000 mAh battery and ECM Clearomiser, the iJust ECM Kit offers excellent performance and very good autonomy. It is perfectly adapted to vapers who love intuitive models and a vape which offers flavour and vapor.

Discover the iJust ECM Electronic Cigarette!

The range of iJust Electronic Cigarette from the Eleaf manufacturers with this iJust ECM Kit. A model which is full of simplicity, has a tubular battery and polyvalent Clearomiser which has proven itself. The iJust ECM addresses vapers in search of a balanced vape, sometimes, rich in flavours and good production of vapor. The Clearomiser of the iJust ECM takes the features of the famous melo 4, aswell as the EC-M and EC-N Coils. It is also associated with a battery of 3000 mAh which offers a record in autonomy! The iJust ECM is noticed for its design and simplicity in utilisation. One button to start and stop the model also starts the vaporisation. Benefit with an output power of 40 Watts maximum, enough for many vapers. To resume, the iJust ECM is an Electronic Cigarette which is modern, performant and very easy to use.