Hold Up

Hands Up ! Choose the Hold Up Concentrates! The Hold Up Concentrates are recipes which are full of fruity, gourmet and sweet flavours, always with a touch of humor. Follow the Lemon Cake of Chuck Nourrice? Candy of the acidic George Clowney? Or even the sweet Pig Doherty? The Hold Up Concentrates are made in France by the famous team Bordo2. The Hold Up Concentrates are available in a 10ml bottle with different advised dosages depending on the recipe. 

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Your Hold-Up Concentrate 

Follow the taste of the succulent flavours of Hold Up? Lemon Cake, Acidic Candy or even Sweet Pear. Kidnap you needs! Each Hold Up Concentrate is made in France by Bordo 2 and is proposed in a 10ml bottle. Your Hold Up Concentrate is to be mixed in a PG/VG Base of your choice, with different advised dosages depending on your recipe. You Hold Up Concentrate consists of good humor and especially the pleasures of fruits and gourmet recipes which alert your greed.