E-Cigarettes  Nautilus AIO

Discover the Nautilus Aio Kit, the new Aspire Pod. This Electronic Cigarette takes the coils of the famous Nautilus Clearomiser. It is integrated with a 1000 mAh battery and a cartridge which can hold up to 4.5ml in e liquid. The Nautilus Aio is a model which is very simple to use and perfectly adapts to beginners in vape. It offers a tight pull and excellent rendering of flavours. 

Discover the Nautilus Aio

Gracious to the Nautilus Clearomiser, Aspire have rapidly forged a solid reputation on the market of vape. Today, the brand comes in front of the scene with an Electronic Cigarette type pod taking the ingredients which has renamed the Nautilus. With the Nautilus Aio, you will the effects of a quality vape with the famous clearomiser which has the same integrated coils. The Nautilus Aio also has a battery which offers good autonomy as well as the level of the battery in 1000 mAh or even the 4.5ml cartridge. This cartridge can be filled with e liquid of your choice as long as the PG rate is superior or equal to 50%. Very simple to use, the Nautilus Aio addresses all beginners in vape who wish to find sensations of the classic cigarette. It can also be served as an emergency Electronic Cigarette. In this case, it is possible to opt for an e liquid which is strong in nicotine. You can even head towards e liquids which contain Nicotine Salts as the Nautilus Aio is supplied with coils specially adapted. The great particularity of this pod is that it allows you to change the coil without having to change the cartridge. So do not wait to discover his Nautilus Aio.