E-Cigarettes  Jem

The Jem Kit is an Electronic Cigarette ideal for beginners. Of a small size this is an excellent piece of equipment which allows you to vape e liquids with a high rate of nicotine and composed e liquids such as CBD or Nicotine Salts. The Jem Kit is composed of a 1000mAh battery, a clearomiser with a capacity of 2ml and a coils of 1.60 ohm. The Jem Battery is simple to use and proposes 5 modes of power, from 10 to 13.5 Watts depending on the pull. This small mod of 1000 mAh is entirely rechargeable via USB. The Jem Clearomiser has a filling fom the top and coils of 1.60 ohms which do not necessarily need a high output power to bring good rendering of flavours and vapor. The Jem Kit is an Electronic Cigarette which is not expensive. Compact and can be carried everywhere, it is simple enough to launch into vaping without any problems. 

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Jem Kit By Innokin

The Jem Kit is ideal for beginners of the Electronic Cigarette gracious to the simple utilisation, quality restitution of flavours and production of vapor. Efficient to diffuse the Nicotine if needed, the strength of the Jem Kit and the 1000 mAh battery works with the Jem Coils. The Coils of the Jem Kit have a high value which does not necessarily need strong power for an optimal vape. The Jem Kit has excellent autonomy for a longer vape. The Jem Kit Clearomiser offers all the comfort of the latest generation of Electronic Cigarettes with a filling from the top of the Jem Clearomiser. The Jem Kit equally has a choice of interesting pulls with an adjustable tight vape depending on your preferences.