Yum Aroma Brand

Yum is a range of French Concentrates. The Yum Concentrates are dedicated for the preparation of e liquids for the Electronic Cigarette. Their Gourmet compositions are to be discovered in complete urgence. The Yum Concentrates must be mixed with a PG/VG Base of your choice and eventually with Nicotine Boosters. The Yum Concentrates are composed of Propylene Glycol and and Food Flavourings. Discover also Pop's Yum Concentrates with Pop-Corn Caramel. 

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Yum Concentrated Aroma 

The brand of Yum Concentrated Aromas are specialised in delicious gourmet recipes. We can say that Pop's Concentrates will give you the impression of eating Caramel Pop Corn. Made in France the Yum Concentrates are in a 10ml Bottle. They are destined for the fabrication of DIY E Liquids for the Electronic Cigarette and must be mixed with a PG/VG Base and depending on your preference, the addition of one or more Nictone Boosters.   

The Yum Concentrates must be dosed with around 10% in 50/50%. The steeping time is advised around 15 Days.