E-Cigarettes  Atopack

The Atopack is a new electronic cigarette "all in one" by Joyetech. A piece of equipment which is simple to use, robust adapted to the needs of numerous vapers, initiated for beginners. Dotted with a unique design, the Atopack Penguin is a model with ergonomics and simplicity. A 2000 mAh battery, efficient coils for a diverse vape. And even more, an aeration system which avoids any leaking of liquids. The Atopack Penguin has a reservoir of 8.8ml for maximum autonomy in e-liquid. The Atopack Penguin is the latest generation in E-cigs, discreet, efficient and practical. 

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Atopack Penguin Kit - Joyetech

Discover the new generation of Electronic Cigarette with Joyetech: The Atopack Penguin Kit, an all in one kit, ready to vape, simple to use and without settings. The Atopack Penguin Kit is compact, elegant and discreet, designed for free vaping. 

The Atopack Penguin for beginners and experimented vapers. 

JVIC Coils 0.25 and 0.60 ohm, integrated battery of 2000 mAh, and large reservoir of 8.8ml.... The Atopack Kit is easy to use. It is ideal for beginners in vape to live an optimal experience. The Atopack Penguin is delivered with 2 coils adapted for all types of vape. Confirlmed vapers will find there happiness with the Atopack Kit. To avoid any bad surprises the Atopack Penguin indicate the charging battery level with a LED system. 

The Atopack Penguin for a styled vape. 

The high-technology of the Atopack Kit is closed in a designed box for an original design. Your E-Cigarette looks like a Penguin. The drip tip takes the form of a small head which is placed on the round body. Red, Black, Blue or White.... Choose your colour and put it on show in front of your friends. With an esthetic design this form allows you to have a good hold in the hand, the Atopack Penguin is light and easy to handle.