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  • 29,90 €  Exceed Beginners Pack

    Exceed Beginners Pack

    A pack which is ready to vape, composed of the Exceed D19 and 3 LPV E Liquids
    4.59/5 1318 Reviews
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  • 29,90 € Q16 Pro Beginners Pack

    Q16 Pro Beginners Pack

    A simple and efficient kit to begin the electronic cigarette, a vape in indirect inhaling. With 3 e liquids.
    4.57/5 138 Reviews
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    • Colour
  • 38,90 € GTX One Beginners Pack

    GTX One Beginners Pack

    A pack of e liquids and electronic cigarette, compact and performant for vaping in tight pull. 2000 mAh.
    4.7/5 237 Reviews
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  • New colors 29,90 € First LPV Beginners Pack

    First LPV Beginners Pack

    The perfect pack to discover the electronic cigarette with the First LPV and 3 Le Petit Vapoteur e liquids.
    4.61/5 139 Reviews
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  • 27,90 €  Nexi One Pack Aspire

    Nexi One Pack Aspire

    A kit with the Nexi cartridge to begin the electronic cigarette with sensations close to a real cigarette.
    4.3/5 10 Reviews
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    • E liquide
  • 27,90 € XRos 3 Mini Beginners Pack

    XRos 3 Mini Beginners Pack

    A pack of e liquids and Xros 3 Mini electronic cigarette by Vaporesso, simple and performant with 3 LPV e liquids
    5/5 2 Reviews
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    • Colour
  • 29,90 € Cosmo A2 Beginners Pack

    Cosmo A2 Beginners Pack

    A pack with e liquids, an all-in-one electronic cigarette of a small size, simple and performant with automatic...
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