E-Cigarettes  Endura

The Endura Kit is an Electronic Cigarette which is simple to use, not expensive and designed for vapers of all circumstances. Find in this category the Endura T18, and the new model Endura T20

The Endura T20 is the first Electronic Cigarette Kit to have a hermetic cap (hygenic) which eliminates all risks of any e-liquids from leaking. The Endura T20 Kit has a battery which is rechargeable with good autonomy of 1500 mAh with the Prism Clearomiser. A Clearomiser which is practical and clean with the filling from the top. The Endura T20 has thought about the vape in Indirect Inhaling and the needs of vapers (beginners). The Endura T20 is made by Innokin. 

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Good bye to the stress leaking E Liquids with the Endura T20

Innokin proposes a complete kit, the Endura T20, an Electronic Cigarette which is not expensive, inclusive of a rechargeable battery and a clearomiser which is very practical offering a good vape with Indirect Inhaling. The Endura T20 Kit is supplied with a hermetic cap which allows you to carry the kit everywhere, in your pocket without having to worry about the e-liquid from leaking. The Endura T20 is ideal for vaping in all liberty, no complications, initiated to the Electronic Cigarette.