E-liquids Calm+ by Minimal

Minimal arrives with the new range from Calm + to innovate and change preconceived ideas of certain vapers. The Fuu have decided to link nicotine and CBD in the same e liquid. Considered as opposites in terms of effects, one relaxing (CBD) and the second exciting (nicotine), the molecules complete each other and allows efficient cessation. The Calm + is particularly adapted to stressed smokers who need calm by conserving the efficiency of cessation. Another interesting effect of this association is the sensation of the “dual-hit”, the general light irritation of CBD, which is directed for the throat, of nicotine. This special hit brings satisfaction when vaping and allows efficient cessation. With this Calm + range, Minimal wishes to answer to the needs of everyone with different flavours. You will find classic, fruity, menthol and light in hemp e liquids for certain who do not wish to lose the odour and taste of the plant. The Calm+ by Minimal e liquids are available in a 10ml bottle with a light dose of CBD in 0.5% (or 50mg) as well as three rates of nicotine of choice (5, 10 and 20 mg/ml).


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