E-Cigarettes  Humvee

Here is the Humvee 80 Sigelei, an electronic cigarette kit, compact and very robust. For it to function it is simple enough to insert the 18650 battery in any direction with the polarity, which allows you to have good autonomy. The maximum power of 80 watts and very illuminating chipset which is reactive and simple to use. The Fog cartridge on the Humvee can hold up to 5.5ml in e liquid. There are 2 coils in 0.2 and 0.3 ohm which are included for a vape orientated towards direct inhaling. Positive point, the Humvee is compatible with all the accessories of the Drag (cartridge, coils, RBA base etc..). The arrival of air is simple and rapid with a small cuff on the exterior part of the pod. 

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