E-Cigarettes  Wantoo

The Wantoo Cirkus Pod is made for new vapers. To discover a personal vaporizer and vape in the best conditions. With the simple Wantoo Cirkus Pod, it automatically activates the aspiration of vape. It is composed of a rechargeable 500 mAh battery, a replaceable cartridge which is integrated with a 1.4 ohms coil and a reservoir of 1.3 ml capacity. Three e liquids from the range of Classic Cirkus range is amongst the Kit: Classic FR, Classic RY4 and Classic Original with 2 rates of nicotine of choice: 12mg/ml and 16mg/ml included. The Wantoo Pod has the particularity to propose cotton filters for a tight pull, like a real electronic cigarette. A menthol filter allows you to add menthol e liquids. 

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