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Tropi Juice is a collection of Malaysian Concentrates by the same team of Full Moon and Jungle Wave. Find the unique recipes mixed with harmonious freshness and fruity flavours. Come and refresh yourself with the Tropi Juice Cocktail.

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Tropi Juice is a range of Malaysian Aromas created in Malaysia. This range has been created by experts of fruity flavours, Full Moon and Jungle Wave. A Tropi Juice Concentrate offers a delicious recipe rich in fruits and freshness. You can also find: Trop'Vert mixed with Melon, Mint and Lemon accompanied with agreeable freshness. The Trop'Bleu proposes a refreshing Mojito accompanied with sweet Strawberry and juicy Raspberry. To finish, Trop'Red is a real explosion of Red Fruits enhanced with fresh sensations. The Tropi Juice is available in a 30ml bottle.