Aroma Brand Long Beach

The Long Beach are a range of concentrated aromas which come from Malaysia. Made by KXS, this collection ressembles a wide variety of fruity flavours. Conditioned in a 30ml bottle, the concentrates offer unique recipes of great quality, loyal to a wide range of Malaysian aromas. You will not get tired of these.  

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Long Beach Aroma Concentrate 

The Long Beach collection resembles concentrated aromas created and fabricated in Malaysia by KXS Liquid. Find 6 different recipes of fruity aromas, conditioned in a 30ml. You will discover the Piunk Guava with  beautiful flavour of Guava, the Double Raspberry with a beautiful taste of Rasberry, the Blue Candy, a delicious fruity and acidic candy, the Pomberry mixed with Apple and Berries, the Apple Candy, real Apple Candy and also the Mango Mangarita, a concentrate with the taste of Mango.