Aroma Brand Ripe Vapes

Ripe Vapes is a great name in e liquid which come from overseas. This American manufacturer, which has recieved many awards, marries flavours to perfection and have created complex and balanced recipes. A real wonderment for the tastebuds, with beautiful gourmet, fruity, and classic notes which offers you an unparalled vaping experience. Find the 30ml concentrate.

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The Ripe Vapes concentrate aromas are created and produced in the United States. Known for several awards, premium quality aroma recipes offering a delicious mixture of gourmet, classic and fruity recipes. Fins each Ripe Vapes concentrate conditioned in a 30ml bottle. Create a Ripe Vapes e liuqid which suits you best in a PG/VG base (with a recommended dosage of 20% in a 50/50 PG/VG base) with one or more nicotine boosters, in functions with your needs.