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The Shaker Collection regroups concentrates reproducing delicious aromas of fresh and fruity drinks. The Shaker Concentrates allows you to create DIY E Liquids perfect to benefit the beautiful days to come. Each Shaker Concentrate is available in a 30ml bottle. Three recipes to be discovered without wait on the Le Petit Vapoteur Website: Virgin Mojito, No Tequila and Sucker Punch. 

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Shaker is a collection of concentrated aromas created and produced in France. Each Shaker aroma is conditioned in France in a 30ml bottle and offers fruity drink recipes which allows you to confection sweet and refreshing DIY E Liquids. You can find on the Le Petit Vapoteur website: The Shaker the Virgins Mojito Concentrate, a mixture of fresh mint and lime, the No Tequila Sunrise with Orange Juice which marries Grenadine or even the Sucker Punch, a fresh Punch without Alcohol.