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With My Juice are fruity and gourmet delicious e liquids created by the French Builder Ohm My Build. Known for their fabrication of coils, Ohm Build have associated with the MIXUP LABS to offer you With My Juice, a liquid with beautiful flavours of Amandine Pear Pie. A rich recipe which will complete gourmet vapers. With My Juice, 50ml of pure pleasure to vape without moderation. 

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With My Juice is created by Ohm My Build and is produced in France by Mix Up Labs. With My juice is an e liquid proposing gourmet and fruity recipes, recreating the aroma of Amandine Pear Pie. With My Juice E Liquid is available in 50ml, conditioned un a 70ml bottle which can welcome 2 nicotine boosters. With My Juice is composed of 30% Propylene Glycol and 70% Vegetable Glycerine.